Common Ground in the Senate before Christmas to Pass the START Treaty

Disarmament kitty says, "Nuclear weapons make everyone less secure. Senators on both sides of the aisle should pass the New START Treaty immediately before Christmas for the sake of present and future generations." Photo credit: Lulu getting comfy by andersbknudsen on flickr cc

Passing the New START Treaty before Christmas

Passing the New START Treaty is a good thing for Republicans, Democrats, Independents and everyone else in the United States and the world.

Hopefully Senators will seek common ground for what is best for the American people, instead of what is politically expedient for partisan politics.

As all living former Republican secretaries of state, military experts, strategic nuclear experts, and Republican arms control expert negotiators like Richard Burt have said on the record, the New START Treaty should be passed immediately.

All Senators Should see the Global Zero Movie: “Countdown to Zero”

Perhaps then they would stop using the New START Treaty as a political partisan football and seek common ground to make the world safer by signing the START Treaty.

Global is an organization dedicated to helping citizens and leaders throughout the world understand and support the importance of reducing the nuclear arsenals of the world to Zero.

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