Frank Rich Says GOP Needs to Go to Glenn Beck-Style Chalkboard for ‘Splaining on Specifics

Time to Go to the Chalkboard for Details of GOP Jobs Plan

What is the GOP Plan for Jobs? Photo Credits: This photo is build upon: Kittens by abcrumley on flickr cc and Chalkboards cci2-2008 by FolkeB on flickr cc


Frank Rich’s op-ed piece, “Barack Obama, Phone Home” offered these pearls of wisdom to President Obama about how to get the GOP to engage in their so-called “adult conversations” about their plan for creating jobs for Americans. Frank Rich suggests Obama ask the Republicans in Congress to “fill in their own blanks.”

“He [President Obama] could start by offering them what they want, the full Bush tax cuts, in exchange for a single caveat: G.O.P. leaders would be required to stand before a big Glenn Beck-style chalkboard — on C-Span, or,  for that matter, Fox News — and list, with dollar amounts, exactly which budget cuts would pay or them. Once they hit the first trillion — or even $100 billion — step back and let the “adult conversation” begin!”

G.O.P. Proposed Extension of Tax Cuts would increase Deficit by $700 Billion

Consumer Protection Agency Necessary to Protect Consumers from Unfair Practices

Rachel Maddow – Can America’s Middle Class Be Saved?

Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow explains that the Consumer Protection Agency exists to protect the middle class. Recent polls show 96% of American families say “we have to get rid of the fine print in contracts.” Across the board, “this is not a partisan issue, this is a middle class issue” that spans all parties – Republicans, Democrats, Independents. This agency exists to help consumers get better information to help them make better decisions about things like knowing the true cost of a credit card.

More money stays in the pockets of American families when there are no more “tricks and traps” in contracts, especially for credit cards or loans. She said that Republicans have vowed to undercut the Consumer Protection Agency even “before it draws its first breath.” Undercutting this agency as the GOP has said it plans to do would be equivalent to undercutting protections for the middle class.

Can the party leaders come together to resolve our current economic challenges? Let’s hope so.

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