Speaker Pelosi Will Run for Minority Leader of House

The Effectiveness of Speaker Pelosi in Passing Landmark Legislation

Speaker Pelosi is a true Lioness of the House protecting all Americans as her cubs. Photo Credit: A True Lady by tibchris on flickr cc


Last night on Rachel Maddow I was astounded to learn that Speaker Pelosi in just 4 short years was able to pass 400 pieces of legislation through Congress! 400! However, almost all of that legislation is still stuck somewhere in the Senate due to the misuse of Senate Rules and the Filibuster by Republicans. A key bill stuck in the Senate is Energy Reform legislation that oil company executives don’t want passed.

Ezra Klein of the Washington Post in an article entitled, “Assessing our first female speaker of the House,” said:

By any measure, Pelosi has been one of the most effective House speakers in American history, especially given her relatively short tenure.

Speaker Pelosi laughs off the perpetual childish attacks on her from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and every right wing political pundit.

Before, Speaker Pelosi decided to announce her decision to run for Minority Leader, the Republicans were vehemently urging her to leave Congress all together. Unfortunately, many spineless Conservative Democrats seem to be infected by the fearmongering from Fox News. Now Fox News and many Republicans have a new tactic, reverse psychology. They think that if they support Pelosi being Minority Speaker, maybe Democrats won’t want her.

However, Speaker Pelosi, who according to this Cat is a major Female Lioness in the House and in all politics, wisely discerned that she is the target of Republicans because she has been such an “effective” Speaker of the House.

Rachel Maddow said Speaker Pelosi claims Republicans hate her because she is so good at passing legislation. They want to stop her. She is too good! Of course they don’t want her around to try and prevent rollback of important legislation that she shuttled through Congress.

What Mitch McConnell and John Boehner seem to forget, is that there are many Americans who do not agree with repealing Health Care Reform or Financial Reform. However, to listen to them, you would think they have read the minds of all Americans based on the 2010 mid-term elections.

The Conservative Media-Driven Misinformation about President Obama and Democrats

If someone listens to national Fox News all day, they will get a very skewed view of what is going on in America and the world. It seems that Fox News loves to perpetuate all sorts of nasty rumors about Speaker Pelosi and Barack Obama. The namecalling is embarrassing, but that seems to be one of their little tactics to attempt to undermine what has really been accomplished by the Obama Administration since 2009.

Rachel Maddow Debunks the Crazy Rumors Echoing around Conservative Media Airwaves that Many Fox Viewers Believe are True!

Speaker Pelosi is a great example to young leaders on how to stand up to bullies and slanderous press. She is the first woman Speaker of the House in the History of the United States and she has been one of the most effective Speakers in passing landmark legislation in the history of the United States. No matter what silly songs and slanderous comments Rush Limbaugh plays and says about Speaker Pelosi, it will not take away all the accomplishments she has achieved. Remember that America!

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