The American People Want Cooperation and Progress in Congress, not “We will not compromise”

We're setting an example for Republicans and Democrats to Work Together for the American People. Time to ditch the "we will not compromise" grandstanding. Photo credit:Lovely kiss by Piez on flickr cc

Reading the Election Tea Leaves: What Do the American People Really Want and Need?

It is clear that Americans want something different from Washington. What might that be? Do they want results and progress to get people back to work? Do they want their politicians to get things done to create more jobs and to improve the economy? Yes, yes and yes.

However, the opposite of cooperation and working together echos back and forth from Boehner, McConnell, Army and Mr. Barbour. Their mantra before and after the election was and still is “We will not compromise.” Does this sound like an invitation to work together to accomplish change the American people voted for? No.

If they stick to their rigid “we will not compromise” stance, it will be clear that they are clogging up the works to get the economy moving again instead of helping Americans get jobs. If they plan to do that for 2 years, well, I’m sure there will be a reaction from the American people of turning them out as well in 2012.

Shields and Brooks on Meaning of Election Results 2010

The Way Forward

Boehner’s election evening speech “The Way Forward” sounded aspirational. Yet, what does it really mean? Is Speaker-in-Waiting Boehner willing to extend an open hand across the aisle to work with his fellow colleagues on behalf of the American people? Both parties must find common ground on behalf of the American people in order to solve the problems we all face at this moment in time.

We Hear You Loud and Clear Because Your Tone Speaks Louder than Your Talking Points

Boehner and McConnell both talk about changing the “tone” in Washington. What “tone” do they want to change it to–their way or no way? It sure sounds pretty dictatorial and rigid and nasty. How about changing the tone to one of mutual respect and cooperation and civility. Now that would be something that could help achieve results.

One thing many voters want — stop the bickering.

Stop the Rhetoric that Confuses, Misleads and Angers

Many Americans are busy just taking care of their families. They may not have loads of time to understand all the details regarding politics. Certain political pundits and politicians know this and they take advantage of it to mislead the public with inflammatory and deceptive language. Please stop it. Otherwise, those that do this are no better than the masters of manipulation — Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels classic tactic to manipulate the masses was to demonize minorities and blame them for everything that was wrong with the economy and in German society. Scapegoating in a negative personal demonizing way is in itself evil. This type of rhetoric must stop and be replaced with mutual respect and cooperation.

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