Get Out and Vote: There is Much At Stake Here for America

Hoot asks, "Hey Fluffy, do you think Democrats will get out the vote on November 2nd?" Fluffy, "We can hope." Photo Credit: Hoot and Fluffy by photofarmer of flickr cc

The Echo Chamber of Bounce from Pollsters to Political Pundits

How much do pollsters and nostradamus-type political pundits affect the outcome of an election? Are voters swayed by what is “predicted” in an election? Is that good? Is that bad? Nate Silver of the oft-quoted 538 of the New York Times admits that pollsters may not be accurate — especially because Gallop does not poll many voters with cell phones! This is a whole segment of voters that are weighted in a strange way in Gallop’s polls as indicated below! If they polled more cell-phone-user-only people they would get a higher of percentage of people leaning Democratic.

Interviews are conducted with respondents on landline telephones (for respondents with a landline telephone) and cellular phones (for respondents who are cell phone only). Each sample includes a minimum quota of 150 cell-phone-only respondents and 850 landline respondents, with additional minimum quotas among landline respondents for gender within region. Landline respondents are chosen at random within each household on the basis of which member had the most recent birthday.

Also, has anybody tried to find accurate statistics on how many eligible registered voters exist in the U.S. in 2010 by party affiliation? I’ve googled this and gone on other search engines. Here’s what I found – but it is only from 2004:

USA Today Article quoting from 2004:

  • 72 million registered Democrats
  • 55 million registered Republicans
  • 42 million registered Independents

There are approximately 17 million more registered Democrats than Republicans. Is that why Republican pundits are spending so much time touting polls that show Republicans winning big? Are they really afraid that Democratic voters might come out to the polls full force? That could upset the “poll predictions.”

A lot can happen on election day.

Do voters really believe the feeling-based focus-group-driven talking points crafted from the Frank Luntz school of word manipulation? Luntz seems more concerned about how what a politician says makes someone feel regardless of whether it is true or factual. Luntz does not seem to be very concerned about objective facts.

There is Hope if Americans Can See Through the Foggy-Brain Attack Ads and Mindless Talking Points

Republicans have been waging a psych-out campaign for months to do everything they can to make Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independent voters stay home and not vote. From Robo-calls to threats about voter fraud, to getting voters purged from rolls with caging operations Republicans want to block the vote for the opposition. Also, their pundits report how Republicans will win big which may send a subliminal message to Democrats to not even bother to vote. Democrats must go to the polls anyway because no one really knows what will happen until all the votes are cast and counted.

Stephen Colbert reported how there were ads in Nevada targeting Latinos and Gays to just stay home to send a message to Washington. This is an attempt to suppress the vote for Democrats and Independents.

Get Out and Vote for the sake of Protecting our Democracy

This video below is called:

Why I can’t vote Republican! “I Remember”

Republicans have gone on the record saying they want to:

  • Repeal Health Care Reform
  • Get rid of the Department of Education
  • Abolish the EPA
  • Privatize Social Security
  • Privatize Medicare and Reduce it
  • Privatize the Veteran’s Administration programs – especially the Health Care programs
  • Extend Bush’s Tax Cuts which will create an $800 Billion deficit (how’s that for reigning in spending!)

Are the above policies and roll backs of significant programs what Americans want? Do they understand what that would mean for them personally, especially older adults turning 65 years old and Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Voter Suppression: Inside The Republican Vote Fraud Machine

Block the Vote Tactics by Republicans in Pennsylvania

Every vote counts. Even the Gallop Poll predictions state, “Turnout holds the key.”

Time to Get Out and VOTE! MEAOW!

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