The Politics of Voter Fraud and Blocking the Vote

What's all this hissing about voter fraud? Poll watching cat will be checking the electronic paperless voting machines for phantom votes! Photo credit: Angry Blue Eyed Grey Cat by Felinest on flickr cc

Less than one week until the elections and the “voter fraud” scare tactics are once again in full play. The article in the New York Times, “Fraudulent Voting Re-emerges as a Partisan Issue,” by Ian Urbina on Oct. 26 2010 explained:

“A report by the public-integrity section of the Justice Department found that from October 2002 to September 2005, the department charged 95 people with “election fraud”; 55 were convicted.

Among those, fewer than 20 people were convicted of casting fraudulent ballots, and only 5 were convicted of registration fraud. Most of the rest were charged with other voting violations, including a scheme meant to help Republicans by blocking the phone lines used by two voting groups that were arranging rides to get voters to the polls.”

However, Republicans and Fox News keep promoting the false idea that voter fraud is a major threat to elections. As the article explains, there were “other voting violations” in past elections that included a scheme by Republicans to block the vote by jamming phone lines of two voting groups trying to arrange rides to bring voters to the polls!

Pay Attention to the Real Danger to Free, Fair and Accurate Elections – Blocking the Vote with Scare Tactics of “Voter Fraud”

There are multiple fear campaigns throughout the U.S. going on full tilt like the large billboards showing up in Wisconsin warning Americans they could get 3 years in jail and be fined $10,000 for “voter fraud.”

This video has audio of a Republican Tea Party group plotting to send out post cards that they hope will be returned as “undeliverable” so they can get people kicked off the voting rolls. Tim Griffin, Karl Rove’s protege, helped write the play book on voter caging even though he claims he had to look up the word to know what it was. He told a reporter even though he received emails and lists of excel spreadsheets with mostly minority voters labeled “caging list”, he claims he did not know exactly what “caging” meant. His story is that he found out it was a “direct mail” term.

SaveWisconsinsVote details the campaign in Wisconsin to suppress the vote through caging operations.

WI Voter Caging Audio

Here’s the problem, with electronic poll books, there is a real chance an eligible voter might incorrectly be told they already voted when it is really a database error in the poll book. When this happens, the voter should report it and request a provisional ballot despite threats from some folks that they could be accused of voting more than once.

The above scenario actually occurred in Shelby County, Memphis, TN in their August 5, 2010 election. 5400 legal voters were incorrectly told they had voted when they went to polls because there was a “database error” in the electronic poll book.

This video shows Republicans telling hispanics and latinos to just stay home and not vote:

Block The Vote: ‘Latino’ Group Hired By The GOP To Suppress The Hispanic Vote

For Democracy to work all eligible voters need to exercise their civil right to vote on November 2, 2010.

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