Republicans Block the DISCLOSE Act that would create transparency in elections

What do you mean the Senate Republicans Blocked the DISCLOSE Act? Is it OK with them for anonymous donors to give multi-millions of dollars to election campaigns? Throw these obstructionist pols out. This lion wants sunlight and transparency on campaign finance. Photo credit: Mufasa y Yvonne in Willowick Ohio on flickr cc

On Tuesday, Senate Republicans blocked the passage of the DISCLOSE Act which would have shed sunlight on the people and organizations behind attack ads. Even though the vote was 57-41 for the DISCLOSE Act, because there wasn’t a 60 vote majority, the measure did not pass. This is evidence of further abuse of the filibuster by Republicans. They are holding important legislation hostage that would improve the lives of all Americans.

Mega-Millions by Unknown People, Corporations and Organizations Flowing into 501 (c) 4 organizations like Crossroads GPS, Run by Karl Rove, and into the 2010 Election via Attack Ads

Not passing the DISCLOSE Act is a loss for all Americans. This act would have mandated that organizations must reveal the sources of funding for political ads and political campaigns. American voters from all parties benefit by knowing who is funding political attack ads and exactly how much they are giving.

For example, it is important to know if an oil company executive is behind political attack ads against a particular candidate. At the present time oil companies receive huge subsidies from the U.S. government even as they reap billion dollar profits every year. They are the biggest organizations feeding at the U.S. government trough. The irony is that many tea partiers have no clue about how these companies fuel culture wars that purposely distract voters from the real issues like creating more jobs and weaning us off oil.

Key Information for American Voters

As reported in the LA Times, according to the nonpartisan organization Democracy 21, this campaign cycle will see approximately $300 million in anonymous sources pumped into various 2010 election campaigns.

Many tea party folks seem to be following candidates funded by major billionaires who do not have their interests in mind. Billionaires like the Koch brothers help fuel the social wedge issues in the media to confuse voters from what would really improve the quality of life for them and all Americans.

Rachel Maddow: The Real Republican Tea Party Candidate Narrative: It’s The Extremists, Stupid!

Tea Party candidates claim corporations need to have their corporate taxes cut to keep them in the U.S. However, many large corporations are already paying little or no taxes. They pay less than average Americans! According to the IRS and reported by Rachel Maddow on October 21, 2010, in 2009 the following corporations paid 0.0% in taxes:

  • Bank of America paid 0% in taxes in 2009
  • Citibank paid 0% in taxes in 2009
  • GE paid 0% in taxes in 2009

Bank Of America, Citi Bank & General Electric All Paid ZERO Taxes Last Year!

A very real threat to Americans are the types of policies promised to be implemented by many Tea partiers and ultra-conservative Republicans.

Here is just a partial list of what Tea Party and Republican candidates would do if elected:

1)  Get rid of Medicare

2)  Privatize Social Security

3)  Eliminate the Veteran’s Administration health care system that helps our veterans

4)  Repeal the recent Health Care Reform that finally ended that horrible pre-existing condition penalty and life-time cap on how much a person could spend on health care if they used certain insurance companies

Remember that Republican Policies Brought you the Economic Crash of 2008 and Beyond

Tell me when the Senate finally passes The DISCLOSE Act and the Feds investigate Crossroads GPS and Karl Rove. Oh and also I cannot believe Tim Griffin is running for Congress in Arkansas. Wasn't he the guy who headed the voter caging operation in 2004 to suppress the votes? Yeah he was. And he wants be a congressman? Photo Credit: I do see you by eye of einstein on flickr cc


The Republicans want Americans to have amnesia regarding the 8 years of policies that destroyed our economy and eliminated millions of jobs for Americans. Also, even though Republicans initially helped shuttle through legislation to prop up companies that lost billions from risky speculation in the mortgage derivative scandals, these same organizations spit in the eye of Americans by using money to pay million dollar bonuses to themselves.

Now many financial organizations are trying to defeat the incumbent democrats because they want to pass legislation to prevent future meltdowns of the market and to protect consumers from predatory practices of some financial organizations.

The Solution to Solving America’s Problems

We really need politicians who will truly work together to solve the very real problems facing average Americans throughout the U.S. The American people need to demand that politicians work together instead of using political grandstanding to score their own agendas.

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