Is Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS violating election laws?


What does a Cat Have to Do to Make Sure Elections are Safe, Accurate and Secure from Scoundrels? Photo Credit: Meow Wars by kevindooley on flickr cc


Many election watchdog groups filed an official complaint Wed., Oct. 13, 2010 with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to investigate whether the multi-million dollar organization Crossroads GPS (Grassroots Political Strategies) created and run by political operative Karl Rove is violating election laws. Is Karl Rove acting as an unregistered Political Committee?

Mark Crispin Miller reported that Kevin Zeese, attorney and spokesperson for Protect our Elections, criticized the activities of Crossroads GPS in seemingly operating as a political committee yet not disclosing its million-dollar donors:

Kevin Zeese, attorney and spokesperson for Protect Our Elections [said], “This is the first election since Citizens United allowed unlimited spending by corporations on elections. They [Crossroads GPS] have abused this already too broad power by misusing the tax laws and avoiding campaign finance laws. It is a violation of federal election laws to launder anonymous donations for electioneering activity through nonprofit groups that are allowed to receive anonymous contributions only if their primary purpose is non-electoral activity.”

Watchdog: Rove-Backed Group Violating Tax Laws

4 Billionares Fund GOP ‘Grassroots’ Org

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