Did Voter Fraud News in Shelby County, TN 18 Days before August 2010 Election Create Voter Intimidation?

Why did the electronic poll book tell this cat he already voted when he hasn't cast a vote yet? Photo Credit: Cat Sat on Computer by dougwoods on flickr cc

The Shelby County Election Commission admits they improperly authorized uploading the wrong voter registration database information into their electronic poll book for their August 5, 2010 election which resulted in mistakenly telling 5400 legal voters they already voted.

In Shelby County, only a small percentage of voters erroneously told they already early-voted decided to cast a provisional ballot. Why didn’t more voters attempt to vote when they were told wrong information at the polls? Could it be because a few days before the election, the Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons was all over print, internet and the TV touting that two people had been arrested for “voter fraud” from the 2006 election?

Two Indicted for Voter Fraud During 2006 Elections in Memphis_July 2010

In the above article what is strange is that the Shelby D.A. Gibbons had to go all the way back to the 2006 election to find two voter fraud culprits. Both people were accused of “voter fraud” because they had been arrested, not because they tried to vote more than one time! The arrests went back to 1985 for Dale Brown and 1997 for Kelvin Green. Do you think maybe these folks thought it was OK to vote after 9 to 21 years? The article states:

According to prosecutors, Brown was convicted of aggravated assault in 1985, but voted in the statewide primary and county general election in 2006. Prosecutors said that Green also voted in the election after being convicted of driving while being a habitual motor vehicle offender in 1997.”

District Attorney General Bill Gibbons and his team are all excited because they caught two people who voted once in the election and who might have thought it was OK to vote since they had been arrested 9-21 years before? This is the big voter fraud scandal?

Voter Intimidation Through Message and Perception

The subtext of Shelby County D.A. Bill Gibbons efforts to dig up voter fraud people is that he will go to great lengths to find any person committing voter fraud — even if it is by accident. However, did the news stories come out to scare people before the August election?

Did the Shelby County election officials and law enforcement people knowingly create an atmosphere of voter intimidation that made voters afraid to cast a provisional ballot for fear they might be accused of “voter fraud” and possibly arrested?

Should the Department of Justice investigate the possible hostile environment of voter intimidation created in Shelby County, Memphis, TN — especially regarding people of color?

What would you do if you went to the polls and were told that you had already voted when you knew you had not voted?

When complaints came into the Shelby County Election Commission the day of the August 5, 2010 election, officials claimed they had fixed the problem. Actually, they had not fixed the problem and by the end of the election day 5400 eligible legal voters were initially told when signing into the Shelby County’s electronic poll book that they could not vote because the poll book had information indicating they had already voted!

Wrong Databases in Electronic Poll Books and Voter Fraud Intimidation Ads = Civil Rights Violations

Will the Department of Justice take a closer look at the goings on in the relationship between the Shelby County Election Commission and the Shelby County, TN District Attorney General Bill Gibbons office?

What is worse Voter Fraud by Wrong Voter Databases in a County’s Electronic Poll Books = 5400 legal eligible voters erroneously told they had “already early-voted”


Voter Fraud by possible improper Registration = 2 people who may not have realized they were still considered “felons” after 9-21 years after their arrests?

Fear of Voter Fraud Arrests

Gibbons referred a case on August 10, 2010 to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) to find out whether there was deliberate tampering with the Shelby County electronic poll book database for the Aug. 5th election. When will TBI let the public know the results — anytime before the November 2, 2010 election?

Shelby County District Attorney General Opens Investigation on Poll Book Issue 8_10_10


Meanwhile, Gibbons office sent out this NEW warning to would be voter fraud people — just in time for Shelby County voters on November 2, 2010.

Shelby County District Attorney General Gibbons Warns Would Be Voter Fraud Perpetrators for the Nov. 2, 2010 Election


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