Electronic Poll Books in Shelby County, Memphis TN Disenfranchise Thousands of Legal Voters


What happened to all those electronic ballots? Photo credit: Just browsing by Wilson Afonso of flickr cc

Shelby County’s Vote Tallies Do Not Add Up for August 5, 2010 Election

While some political pundits yell voter fraud, the biggest voter fraud perpetrator is the electronic poll book program in Shelby County, Memphis TN and the people who improperly programmed it. On August 5, 2010 some 5,400 eligible voters were turned away from the polls because the electronic poll book said they had early-voted already. The electronic poll book created the biggest voter fraud by preventing these voters from being able to cast a single vote even though they came to the polls on time.

In addition, recent news items claiming people who commit voter fraud would be prosecuted and put in jail scared many eligible voters from challenging election officials who incorrectly said the poll book indicated they had already voted.

What are election officials in Shelby County doing about it? They are backpeddling claiming it was all due to a little error of inserting the wrong elections database from May 2010 into the poll book that showed that people had already voted. What???

Was Shelby County the only place where this happened in Tennessee?

Memphis TN Channel 3 CBS news affiliate investigative reporter,  “The Watchdog” Mike Matthews said of the election problems in Shelby County on August 12, 2010:

“A mess… A total breakdown between election officials and the guys auditing the election.”

Incurable Uncertain – Diebold Vote Tampering in Memphis, Tennessee

In the above video former election commissioner, Shep Wilburn, said:

Diebold/Premier and ES&S Electronic Voting Companies control 77% of electronic voting in America.”

“We found in our election contest something called a manual override which allows the person taking the downloads of the electronic votes to be able to go in and manually alter, change and modify the totals.”


I found the phantom voters, they went in here! Photo credit: ezimba-web-Blends Cat on Computer by krossbow on flickr cc


When AfterThePress.com interviewed Richard Holden, Administrator of Elections in Shelby County, and asked him if people are losing confidence in the election system in the county due to abberations in the recent election. Holden said:

“I think there’s a tiny group of activists that would like the voters to lose confidence in them.”

The so-called “tiny group of activists” Holden tries to put down as fringe-type folks are far from that. Ten candidates who ran in the August 5th election filed suit against Shelby County for mismanagement of the election.

Holden also thinks it is perfectly OK to have paperless electronic voting machines that cannot be cross-checked with a paper ballot. Holden’s reasoning, he thinks it will be too expensive to use paper.

Instead of using paper poll books where people sign in to each polling station, Shelby County, TN used electronic poll books in its August 2010 primary election.

Can electronic poll books be manipulated in an election to disenfranchise voters?

These poll books use electronic databases with no paper to confirm a voters eligibility when they check into the polls.

Database Wars of Electronic Poll Books

One thing for certain, at least 5,400 people were improperly turned away from exercising their vote on election day in Shelby County, Tennessee because the computerized poll books incorrectly claimed they had already voted.

Election integrity sleuth Beverly Harris of Blackboxvoting.org, discovered that the “wrong poll book database” was not from May as Shelby county election officials claimed. Instead it was a strange hybrid of the May database poll book information plus something else still to be fully deciphered.

In addition, Bev Harris explains that there were numerous occurrences of unusual computer access to the central election computer in the wee hours of August 12th after the election as shown here. It appears that someone manually altered something on the election servers. Was that the vote totals? Also, somehow, even though there are surveillance cameras in the Shelby County election building, that piece of tape was missing from the lawsuit. Shelby officials did not provide it.

However, it is evident that from the Shelby County Election Commission’s election computer log, someone did access the Shelby County election computers at 4:55 am on August 12, 2010. Will election officials reveal who and why this occurred?

Where is the major media when you need them!

According to Harris, this database problem with electronic poll books could possibly be the tip of the iceberg not only in Memphis TN, but throughout any county in the U.S. that uses similar electronic poll books. The fact is electronic poll books are not that reliable and are susceptible to manipulation by computer savvy folks.

Harris said it could be the beginning of “database wars” in elections where county officials will claim they must have put in the wrong database and that’s why so many people could not vote or why strange votes showed up here and there and everywhere.

Who Will Demand Accurate Elections?

Many democrats and republicans sometimes become all wimpy about elections. Unfortunately,  some of these politicians don’t want to be accused of sour grapes. They may feel pressure from their party to not confront the problem which could reveal a bigger can of electronic election worms with our crazy crazy electronic voting machines and electronic poll books. These things are mucho mucho hackable – in a matter of minutes, seconds.

Also, when you have some people on the bench that just want the problem to go away because they don’t want to mess up their judicial careers, then how can people who file a reasonable lawsuit get justice? The courts should protect voters right to manipulation-free elections, not aid in the cover-up by implying there is nothing to see here….so move along.

Here’s the real issue – follow the electronic trail – especially when there is no real paper trail to speak of.

However, in the Shelby County situation, according to Blackboxvoting.org and Beverly Harris, she thinks the Shelby county debacle could be a trial balloon.

It would only take messing up a limited number of counties somewhere in the U.S. for a certain party to regain power in the House and Senate.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball people. We must insure that U.S. elections in every county across the nation are accurate, safe and secure. Electronic poll books can be manipulated to disenfranchize voters and also to create phantom voters and votes as seemed to appear in Shelby County.

According to the lawsuit filed against Shelby County, the certified election results of Shelby County election of August 5, 2010 showed that there were 6,802 phantom voters. There were more votes than people who actually voted. Hello!

In the lawsuit filed by 10 candidates in Shelby County against Shelby County Election Commission and the Shelby County Government, paragraph number 38 of the Introduction states:

According to SCEC [Shelby County Election Commission] records, the Participating Voters List includes 176,119 voters who participated in the August 2010 election. Without explanation, the Certified Statement of Votes Cast lists 182,921 votes as being cast in the August 2010 election. Thus, according to SCEC’s own records, 6,802 more votes were cast than individuals who participated in the August election.

Let’s look under all the rocks to make sure little electronic worms are found and removed so our midterm elections on Nov. 2 are free from the real potential election fraud —- electronic election fraud.

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