Are Paperless Electronic Voting Machines + Electronic Poll Books Dangerous to Democracy?


Are Paperless Electronic Voting Machines Safe for Democracy? Photo Credit: Updating Facebook by angeloangelo on flickr cc


In reviewing present and past elections where numbers do not add up or people were disenfranchised from being able to cast a vote, there seems to be a pattern:

Paperless Electronic Voting Machines + Electronic Poll Books = Possible Rigged Elections

Why not check out your local county election commission and find out what types of machines will be used for the upcoming November 2010 election.

Are your County’s Elections Open and Transparent?

In order to determine if an election was properly administered, voters must have access to certain information to determine if recounts need to take place:

1)  Do electronic machines have a manual override system that would allow rigging the machine and the vote totals?

2)  Are machines sealed after an election?

3)  Is the public allowed to monitor the election process, before, during and after the election?

4)  Will election officials allow election observers to record serial numbers of voting equipment to make sure machines unsealed after an election are not being used to manufacture machine poll tape totals?

5)  What happens to the used memory cards for each machine after an election? Are they properly sealed. These cards contain the ballots of voters on them.

6)  Are there surveillance cameras where election materials and equipment and computers that tabulate the vote are kept?

7)  Can election observers have access to computer logs to see if there were improper access to the central computers that tabulate the votes?

8) Are election officials open to public scrutiny or do they create a wall of lack of information and access to prevent the public from knowing if their election was handled properly?

9)  What are recount procedures if the public requires a recount of the vote?

10) Where are the checks and balances in the election system to ensure the election is accurate?

With so many corporations putting millions of dollars into organizations that do not have to disclose who is funding political ads, there is a lot at stake for elections.

The public must be wise.

Video the Count: What to do on Election Night

Democracy works only if the people living in the democracy make it work.

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2 Responses to Are Paperless Electronic Voting Machines + Electronic Poll Books Dangerous to Democracy?

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  2. cmaukonen says:

    We still use scantrons here.

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