Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon Urges Senators to Follow Founders Vision

We can dialogue, What about the Senate! Photo credit: Cat's sofa by JiJy on flickr cc

Thank-You Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon

Today, September 29, 2010 on the floor of the Senate at 4:12 pm ET, Senator Merkley urged senators across both sides of the aisle to restore the Senate to the proper deliberative body envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. Senator Merkley also said:

We have a responsibility to all the citizens in this nation to make this chamber the deliberative body that the framers envisioned for this country.

“We cannot really have a democracy that works if we can’t debate and vote on Bills.”

“This situation where the House passes 300 bills that never see the light of day, that never see consideration in the Senate because we can’t get anything done on the floor of the Senate, must end. We have a responsibility to restore this body to being the greatest deliberative body on the planet.”

Abuse of Advise and Consent and the Filibuster

As Senator Merkley pointed out, in past years the Senate at one point only used the Filibuster 3 times, however, in the 110th Congress the Senate Filibuster was used 49 times!

Senator Merkley recommended that full debate on the Senate Rules commence at the beginning of the 112th Congress in January.

Senator Merkley on the Dysfunctional Senate

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2 Responses to Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon Urges Senators to Follow Founders Vision

  1. patrick Kelly says:

    Honorable Senator Merkley, ….URGENT-URGENT !!
    I will be 65 in 3 weeks. I have notified S.S.A. 5 times (4 First Class Mail, 1 Certified Mail/Return Reciept Requested) with TRUE COPY of my S.S. Card and signed form stating I do NOT….NOT want Medicare …..and I sent the same letters to Medicare.
    They can not READ. I can NOT survive on the lousy $939/month I now get from Social Security and they are now going to take out $110 ??? Why are they trying to strave seniors by stealling our money when we tell them not too???? They notified me by mail 3 days ago, they have ignore all my written corespondence of 5 months and are deducting $110 from my monthly S.S. Benefits even over my continued objections.

    I REFUSE to call them or visit their offices… they agree verbally to what I want, then do as they want…now I have a paper trail ……BUT, why does S.S.A. and Medicare staff not read ?????

    Since when did U.S.A. become a DICTATORSHIP ???

    This is my benefits which I paid into…….it is MY DAMN money, not their money and they have NO right to take deductions for ANYTHING when I have written them 5 letters, signed the form they supplied stating….I DO NOT WANT MEDICARE, I DO NOT WANT MEICADE NOR DO I WANT OBAMA CARE !!!!!!

    I respectfully ask…….your offices HELP. THIS IS URGENT !!!! PLEASE HELP IMMEDIATELY…AS I HAVE TO EAT. I will strave if they deduct $110 out of my nomial Monthly Benefits check.

    I thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Patrick Kelly

    • kittyreporter says:

      Dear Mr. Kelly,

      @ I understand your concerns about not wanting to have money deducted from your social security for Medicare especially if you have a set income. I suggest you speak directly with Senator Merkley’s staff to find out your options. If you need financial assistance I hope you get what you need – even though you say you do not want it. You may want to understand your options in case some day you do want it.

      However, even though you do not want to have Medicare, there are benefits to all seniors for having Medicare. Even though you want to use the term “Obamacare” to describe recent health care reform, it is not Obamacare, it is Health Care Reform and there are many new breakthrough benefits to people who do want some form of health care: 1) there are now no lifetime financial limits an insurer can impose for your right to health care, 2) pre-existing conditions no longer can prevent people from obtaining health care, 3) parents can keep their children on their policies until age 26.

      Why don’t you want to have some form of health care? You may not want it now, but it will help you in the future if you need health care. Also, there are new opportunities for preventive care instead of people having to wait until they are very sick before getting certain types of care. The USA is not a dictatorship. Please take another look at the issues and separate out the facts from the rhetoric some political pundits spread throughout the airwaves & internet that is meant in many cases to make you angry instead of provide real information that will help you. Good luck. KR

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