The Cat is Out of the Bag on Dangers of Cell Phone Use

The Truth About Cell Phones...Photo Credit: Cat out of the bag by photofarmer on flickr cc

Is our beloved smartphone really safe to put right next to our ear? Not according to some scientists. Can cell phone companies make their phones safer? Will they?

Maureen Dowd wrote an interesting column on 6/27/2010, “Are Cells the New Cigarettes?” about how San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and the city’s Board of Supervisors passed legislation requiring cell phone companies to clearly list the amount of radiation each cell phone emits.

According to Dowd,

Different phone models emit anywhere from 0.2 watts per kilogram of body tissue to 1.6 watts, the legal limit. The amount of radio frequency energy seeping into the body and brain is measured by a unit called the Specific Absorption Rate  (SAR).

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom received warnings from the hotel lobby and the cell phone lobby that cell phone companies might take their conventions elsewhere if Newsom insisted on making them reveal to the public what they are already supposed to reveal.

According to Dowd the cell phone companies have tried to make cell phone safety information hard to find by burying it in obscure tiny print in information about each cell phone. Why, possibly because they do not want to let consumers know the dirty secret of how their smartphone or cell phone could make them sick or give them nasty brain tumors.

According to a Swedish study that tracked youth that began using cell phones before age 20 for 10 years, there was a 400% increase in brain tumors!

400% increase!!!!

Ok so why doesn’t the cell phone industry start making safer cell phones?

Cell Phone Makers Using Techniques From Cigarette Companies To Hide Health Concerns

Meaow, this kind of reminds me of BP’s negligence in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are many corporations so busy trying to make the most profit for themselves and their shareholders that they cut corners in areas where they don’t want anyone to see or where they think they can get away with it?

There are studies that reveal the dangers of using cell phones and other electronic devices including everything with WiFi. However, as the video above shows, many scientists that got results showing dangers with this technology suddenly got unfunded!

There are real scientists and doctors who are finally speaking out about the real proven dangers of the technology we are using and love to use.

Questions that need answers about this technology:

  1. How safe is bluetooth? Those Star Trek looking flashing blue light handsfree devices that many people seem to have permanently glued to their heads as if they grew a new appendage. What kind of SAR rating do these little babies have? How do they affect our brains with the constant beaming of electromagnetic radiation so close to our brains? Anyone, Anyone?
  2. How much radiation do we get from our laptops that frequently sit on our laps for hours at a time – while we write blogs, emails, surf the net, create videos, or do research?
  3. What’s the radiation from all our WiFi devices everywhere?
  4. How safe are the GPS systems in our cars where  satellites beam directions to us from outerspace?

The technology that uses microwaves and electromagnetic energy is here to stay, so what is needed to make sure:

  • What is safe?
  • There are studies to update new potential health and environmental hazards from use of the technology
  • Companies are putting real effort to make these devices safer.

Do we need to pass laws to make companies be more proactive?


A few years ago an engineer who worked for a cell phone company told me that cell phone companies could make cell phones less dangerous to the human body, but it would be expensive for them and therefore, many companies were not interested in changing their technology–unless they had to. It was all about the money $$$.

Does Congress need to pass laws to make these companies do what we hoped they would do from the outset: Care about their customers and give them information regarding potential risks they incur by using their products.

Also, those cities like San Francisco that start making efforts to make cell phone companies more accountable need to be protected from those who threaten them – like the big convention lobbyists and cell phone lobbyists.

The only way to level the playing field is for Congress to make a federal law to require cell phone companies to do what Gavin Newsom and his City Council want them to start doing – as a first step: Let the public really know what type of radiation each individual device will be putting into their little bodies and brains with average use. Also, “average use” needs to be better defined.

And, money $$$$$$ shall not be the only determining factor for what corporations can or cannot do.

Didn’t we learn our lesson from the BP oil spill?

As evidence showed, until the huge BP Gulf Oil spill, BP and all the other oil companies did not put any significant research and development into making sure any leaks in the drilling process or during extraction of oil from offshore oil wells would be able to be plugged and cleaned up quickly before reaching any shore.

The only reason oil companies didn’t do what they should have been doing – making sure they had fixes for any possible disasters that could occur in their offshore drilling rigs – was because no one made them do it and they did not want to spend any money to do it since no one was forcing them to do it.

Look at what is going on with BP, if they had just spent a little of their billions of dollars of profts each year on research and development for up-to-date technology for quickly  remediating oil spills and leaks and finding new and better ways to quickly plug leaks and problems with development in their drilling rigs, then they wouldn’t be out the billions of dollars they are out now. They were penny wise and pound foolish.

Next Steps for Improving Safety of Cell Phones

The same goes for the cell phone companies. If they spend more to make safer technology, they will save themselves in class action lawsuits that most likely will occur in the future if they refuse to fix what they already know is a problem.

Covering up the flaws in the system never works for anyone. And, it is bad karma.

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