Boehner’s Tax Cuts for Wealthy 1% Like Tigers with Spots

Do Tigers have Spots?

Do Tigers Have Spots? Photo credits combination: Twister by Steve Snodgrass on flickr cc and Big Tiger Cub! by digitalart on flickr cc

Trickle-Down Economics

John Boehner and other fellow Republicans made their big announcement on September 23, 2010 about their Pledge to America which is a recycled version of their 1994 Contract with America.

Bush “Fool Me Once…”

As G. W. Bush said:

“Fool me once…Shame on you. Fool me… Can’t get fooled again!”

The same old policies being trotted out by John Boehner and the GOP are a deja-vu of what created so many economic problems that brought the U.S. economy down and created a huge deficit that the Obama administration inherited from G. W. Bush in 2009.

Basically Boehner and the GOP’s Pledge To America would:

  1. Keep the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy 1% that will cost Americans $800 Billion Dollars! (Is that fiscally responsible?)
  2. Privatize government including Medicare and the Veteran’s Administration and Social Security!
  3. Repeal Healthcare Reform even though there are many things in it that all Americans across party lines want that actually kicked in on 9/23/2010:

  • elimination of lifetime financial caps on health care policies
  • elimination of pre-existing conditions preventing someone from not getting health care or being kicked off a plan
  • ability to have children on a parents health plan until 26 years old

However, most people have to decode the language of the Pledge To America pamphlet which is very abstract and broad with patriotic sounding words and unspecific ideas that talk a lot about “freedom” and “honor” and more of the same.

Rachel Maddow decoded much of the pamphlet in her recent news program:

Maddow: GOP’s Abstract ‘Pledge’ Has Consequences in the Specific

Does Boehner Believe Tigers have Spots?

For the November 2, 2010 elections, hopefully Americans will wake up and realize in order to be smart and ensure true economic recovery, we need to continue in the direction we are headed with implementation of upcoming legislation recommended by the Obama administration. Ignore misleading talking points spouted by Boehner and company that are meant to give people a false sense of security that Republicans will improve the economy. The election platform Boehner stands on will bring the U.S. economy and the middle class down the tubes again.

What does it take for Americans to wake up and understand the difference between an empty talking point and a good policy?

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