Glenn Beck’s Bad Dream Rally for America

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Does it bother you that Glenn Beck twisted the true meaning of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech?” on August 28, 2010?

Glenn Beck is NOT Martin Luther King Jr.

If Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive today, what would he think about Glenn Beck’s misappropriation of his speech?

Glenn Beck wages campaigns of disinformation.

Who’s the Real Glenn Beck? Faux Civil Rights Icon or Fox Shock Jock?

Glenn Beck, the 2010 Elections and False History

What does Glenn Beck mean when he claimed that he is “restoring honor to America”? His coded language is calculated to incite and confuse people into thinking we have lost our honor. We have not lost our honor. This is a false argument.

November 2010 midterm elections are fast approaching. Glenn Beck also paid a visit on Friday 8/26 to FreedomWorks which is primarily brought to you by the Billionaire Koch brothers and friends.

Glenn Beck has his own agenda according to Alexander Zaitchik, author of the book  “Common Nonsense” which is about Glenn Beck’s turbulent life story that includes mean-spirited attacks on opponents and radio hosts viewed as competitors. According to Zaitchik, Beck knows how to play his audience, which is where the crying and tears come in. If Beck thinks he is helping America by his approach he is sadly mistaken.

Dialogue and Joint Problem-Solving Needed to Solve Nations Challenges

This country needs dialogue and problem-solving about issues we all confront together. However, whatever Beck’s real motivation, his current approach to explaining current issues to Americans tends to create misunderstanding, division and encourage factionalism instead of cooperation and respect for others.

Is Glenn Beck Afraid of True Dialogue with Others?

In a recent Book T-V presentation on C-Span2 dated 7/8/10 about the book Common Nonsense, Alexander Zaitchik said Glenn Beck is fearful of intellectuals, especially liberals. He invites some liberals on his show primarily to yell at them, not have an honest discussion and dialogue.

During Beck’s radio talk show callers who have alternate views than Beck are howled at on the airwaves with deafening screams from Beck as indicated in many You-Tube viral videos.

The Source of Glenn Beck University

Beck’s knowledge of history and current affairs is mainly based on books by people who have written their own version of history that has nothing to do with a reasoned academic historic perspective. One of Beck’s favorite authors is David Barton who Zaitchik claims is a “denier of the Holocaust.” Beck’s taste in books leans towards propagandists and ideologues who create a fictitious history based on radical xenophobic racist views. Zaitchik has interviewed many Beck fans and claims their support of Beck is “subrational”.

David Barton Debunked by Chris Rodda, journalist and author of Liars for Jesus: The Religious Right’s Alternate Version of American History:

David Barton Lies About Chris Rodda – Part 1

David Barton Lies About Chris Rodda – Part 2

Please see the remainder of Chris Rodda’s videos debunking of David Barton’s revisionist American history. Chris Rodda’s website Liars for Jesus has links to actual source documents where you can see with your own eyes the documents she uses to reveal David Barton’s deliberate attempts to mislead his unsuspecting audiences. Hats off to Chris Rodda for helping Americans understand their true heritage.

Beck reads many conspiracy books and recommends them to his fans who then read the books and subsequently may become more fearful and xenophobic. The methods of Glenn Beck echo other mass manipulators: Adolph Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and Joseph McCarthy. For example:

  1. Hitler orchestrated a hate campaign against one segment of the population, painting them as less than human and alien. Beck also targets certain groups.
  2. Hitler and Goebbels based their propaganda on the tactic of the Big Lie. If you say the lie over and over again, people will begin believing it. Saying, how could this possibly be a lie–it’s too big.
  3. Irreparable loss of white dominance. Beck uses untruths to explain why many whites are experiencing dissatisfaction with their lives.
  4. Beck uses emotion and religion to manipulate his audience and create hatred of the other. Hitler did too.
  5. Beck inoculates himself against being called a Nazi by attacking President Obama as being a Nazi.
  6. Beck sets himself up as a martyr being attacked and threatened by others. Hitler did the same thing.
  7. Hitler’s Nazi national socialist movement gave power to major German corporations. Beck paints himself as an everyman and has built a media empire with many corporate sponsors with their own agendas that help bring in his annual revenues of over thirty-two million dollars.
  8. Hitler claimed to work to “restore values” saying we have lost the values of the past because of certain groups of people. Beck blames blacks and Obama, Hitler blamed the Jews. McCarthy used scare tactics claiming the communists destroy democracy.
  9. Beck espouses ideas of purity and exceptionalism. The idea that America is different from other countries, it has a mission from God to lead the world. Hitler and Goebbels used this same approach to manipulate the Germans in World War II. They preached that they lived by their own rules and had a mission from God to rid the world of the Jewish people and create racial purity for the German Aryan people.
  10. Character assassinations of perceived enemies. Joseph McCarthy attempted to destroy people on his Reds list. These people would be blacklisted and accused of being the dregs of the earth. They were portrayed as pariahs in society. They were generally pegged as guilty first and frequently not given the chance to prove their innocence. Beck constantly attacks President Obama in ways similar to Hitler, Goebbels and McCarthy. Beck continually demonizes President Obama without cause.

Glenn Beck frequently cries and screams during his broadcasts. His tirades tinged with emotional nationalism include wrapping himself in patriotic symbols like the flag and colonial hats. Hitler’s propaganda pieces included nationalist themes except that Hitler just screamed while Beck screams and cries.

Why does Beck promote Holocaust deniers at the same time he accuses Obama of being similar to Hitler?

According to the Press Release by Wiley Publications for Zaitchik’s book,

Glenn Beck isn’t the “rodeo clown” he imagines himself to be.  He’s at the vanguard of a movement to devalue intelligence, education, and the truth.  Every night, unbeknownst to most Americans, he’s actively working to make the national discourse more debased, radical, empty, hateful, and jumbled than it already is.

Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance by Alexander Zaitchik

FreedomWorks Agenda

What is the real agenda behind the religious fervor of Beck’s August 28th speech and rally? Is it to get certain people elected in November 2010 who will implement the political agenda of organizations like FreedomWorks and Dick Armey?

The Koch Brothers established an organization in 1984 called Citizens for a Sound Economy which divided into two organizations in 2004: FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity. Koch industries is the second largest privately owned company in the United States. Annual revenues are estimated at one-hundred billion dollars. Koch Industries operates crude oil gathering systems and pipelines across North America in addition to other types of companies including financial trading and consumer products. The article in The New Yorker by Jane Mayer, “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama” details their bankrolling organizations that are bent on preventing implementation of President Obama’s policies to protect the environment and pass significant energy reform.

Jane Mayer relates that according to a study by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute, Koch industries is “one of the top ten air polluters in the United States.”

The New Yorker Article by Mayer states in regard to David H. Koch that he has funded “stealth attacks on the federal government and the Obama administration in particular.”

Rachel Maddow On FreedomWorks: Grassroots Or Astroturf? (HQ)

Where is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Real Dream?

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke passionately about having a dream where people of all colors and religions could work together for a better world. Glenn Beck’s vision seems to be a color-phobic, one-religion type view of what the U.S. should be. His coded messages are filled with religious keywords that basically rile up people against Americans who are not white and who are not a certain type of Christian.

Decoding Glenn Beck’s Speech

We need to restore sanity to the airwaves by telling Glenn Beck that his brand of hate-filled journalism is not welcome.

Beck’s claim that “America today begins to turn back to God” is calculated to inject a form of narrow religious ideology into the discussion about what will help people in this country. The statement serves to pit Beck and everyone at the rally against those other people who do not believe in Beck’s particular brand of religious ideology.

The U.S. Constitution established the separation of church and state so people would have freedom of religion and not be bound to one form of religious ideology to run this nation. What is needed is true respect for the diversity and religions of others. The strength of this nation is based on the fact that we are made up of many rich heritages of those who have come here seeking a better life where they would be free to follow their religion and to have the ability to express their ideas without fear of being imprisoned.

Glenn Beck Wandering in Darkness

Glenn Beck claiming that “for too long we have wandered in darkness” is setting himself up as if he is the new messiah. His rhetoric is similar to cult figures who stir up others emotions and then manipulate them. Beck is full of doublespeak that has little basis in reality except to twist the truth.

Is Glenn Beck trying to divide this nation into those who see the world the way he sees it and those other people who do not see things his way? Isn’t this similar to the way many dictatorships create a culture of fear?

Many of the founding fathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were deists, who saw God as a clockmaker who set the universe in motion and then did not intervene in people’s lives.

Glenn Beck is rewriting history to suit his own political and religious agenda which has nothing to do with the true history of America, religious freedom and the Constitution of the United States.

Will the Real Fear-Monger Please Stand Up

Glenn Beck completely misunderstands the true history of this country and instead espouses a brand of homegrown American fascism. It is Glenn Beck’s vision or no vision. He accuses the Obama administration of inciting fear when the above video clearly shows the real fearmonger is Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck generally promotes an attitude of racial, religious and intellectual intolerance through fear tactics. Many of his audience are underemployed or unemployed. They are angry. However, Glenn Beck is blaming the Obama administration when the real reason many people are unemployed is due in part to poor policy choices of the Bush Administration which resulted in Wall Street gone wild because there was little or no real oversight. The speculation by banks, brokerage houses and hedge funds in synthetically created mortgage-backed securities fueled a bubble and bust syndrome that resulted in banks tightening credit to businesses and individuals.

What is needed now to create a more positive future for America is to awaken the true spirit of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream

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