Robert Reich’s Touchdown Suggestions for More Jobs

More Jobs Please based on photo by tutlemom4bacon on flickr called Pumpkin, she looks lost creative commons

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, offers specific solutions to the joblessness problem in the U.S.

Reich has been coaching Congress, the President and anyone who will listen about what will really get more people back to work.

Here is a video from Robert Reich that contains sage wisdom that Congress and President Obama should implement ASAP:

It’s great that we just passed the $26 Billion stimulus to save jobs for educators and some public employees. However, Reich still thinks it is only a “punt” and not making the touchdown needed to get folks back to work.

Rocky punts by MelvinSchlubman flickr cc

Reich’s Winning Touchdown Suggestions for More Jobs:

“The most important thing right now is to get the jobs back and get the economy growing again. And then, after people are working again and the economy is growing, we can pay down that debt. But, if government doesn’t spend more right now on getting us back to work, we’re going to be out of work for years. And that debt is going to be with us even longer.”

The Government Needs to:

1)     Pass A NEW Stimulus Bill

2)    Create a New WPA Program

3)    Have a One-year payroll tax holiday on first $20,000 of income

4) Create a Jobs Program for Things we really need

5)     Forget the Deficit Hawks and Debt-Mongers

Reich says to Pay No Attention to this Deficit Hawk who will only kill jobs when we need them now - Photo/Image Credit: Angry Bird by alex_lee2001 flickr cc

Reich states,

“Joblessness is a Huge waste of the most important resource we have:  Our people.”

“One out of six people are unemployed. This is no time to be worrying about the debt.”

Who are the deficit hawks? What are their big ideas for creating jobs?

Jared Bernstein, Chief Economist and Economy Policy Advisor to Vice President Joseph Biden, stated in his Huffington Post article that:

“John Boehner wants a lot of people to lose their jobs.”

“The Congressman is advocating to kill the expansion of the Butler County Community Health Center…[in Ohio]…That would be the direct consequence of his suggestion that we shut down the Recovery Act.”

Rep. John Boehner is very attached to his almost mantra-like talking points. See how many times you can count these talking points in any political newscast with Newt Gingrich, Mitch McConnell and Mr. Boehner:

Talking Points Alert:

“We’re broke”

“Reckless spending”

These are non-specific rile ’em up words. These words push people’s buttons even though they have nothing to do with offering suggestions that will actually help Americans get more jobs. File them under: Mindless Complaining Talking Points you can Forget Now.

Robert Reich says just ignore the debt-mongers who would cause a slow down of creating needed jobs. This ostrich reminds me of a debt-monger. Head in sand. Photo credit: Stare by bensonkua of flickr cc

Boehner and McConnell would like folks to think everything will be OK if we return to tax cuts and cutting the deficit.  As Reich explains, if we cut the deficit now, we will not have jobs for a long long time.  Maybe that’s what Boehner and McConnell want now — especially before the Midterm 2010 elections.  That fits in nicely with their blame and complain campaign tactics.

Should We Just Say No to Mr. Boehner’s ridiculous anti-jobs campaign?

What do you think?

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