Republican Ads Urge Congress to Halt Work until January 2011

Republican Party of “Vote No” turns into Party of “No Vote” and “No Work”

You want Congress to Stop Working between November and January 2011! Photo Credit: Max is startled by Nicki-G on flickr creative commons

Since when did one party have the right to claim that “no legislation” should be passed until after an upcoming election?

Never. This is a new low and a waste of taxpayers dollars. Because the Republicans would still expect that they would be paid for jamming up the works in the Senate and House…

A new absurd strategy by Republicans and various AstroTurf organizations is to put forth silly ads like this:

Republican Sham Ad Campaign to Stop Work

What do Republicans in Congress plan to do from August until January 2011 while they are claiming everyone should just wait until after November 2010 elections and January 2011 before passing needed legislation? Nothing?

Not exactly. They have plans to announce their ideas for what they will do AFTER January 2011, that will happen in September some time.

In an interview on Bloomberg Press Mitch McConnell said:

Bloomberg’s Peter Cook: “Do Republicans need to articulate what you would do in power as opposed to simply campaigning against what the President has done?

Sen. McConnell: “I think we clearly do need to make sure Americans know what we would do. And we’re going to make that announcement in late September so the voters will have an….”

Bloomberg’s Peter Cook: “But you have right here to spell it out.”

Sen. McConnell: “But I think I won’t scoop myself. We’ll be making that uh uh announcement in late September.”

Talking Point Alert:

Recent talking points on the Chamber of Horror Echos swirling around the airwaves:

  • Lame Duck Congress
  • Sham Lame Duck
  • Beware of Lame Duck Congress
  • Radical government expansion
  • “taking over”____ fill in the blank
  • tax increases
  • “They know who is in charge”
  • “restoring some sort of “balance””
  • “explode costs”
  • “cap and tax”
  • “put government in charge”
  • “We really ought to start over.”
  • “repeal and replace with “common sense” choices”

Where do these talking points all come from?

Various memos written by “Word Doctor” Frank Luntz explain why certain phrases will motivate the base of the GOP. Luntz uses focus groups and craftily worded polling surveys. Here is a link to an article on TPMDC regarding Finance issues. Here is a link to the actual referenced memo from Frank Luntz. Below is one part of the memo with key talking points.

GOP Talking Points from Frank Luntz Word Doctors...Hot Button Phrases

Translation of Talking Points:

Republicans are fearful that the Democrats might actually succeed in passing legislation that would:

  • Create needed jobs for Americans
  • Create energy reform to wean U.S. off oil
  • Ratify the landmark START Treaty signed by the U.S. and Russian Presidents in Prague on April 8, 2010 to reduce nuclear arsenals of both countries

Instead of doing the work they were sent to Congress to accomplish for the American people, Republicans on the other hand are urging that Congress stop the presses, throw a monkey wrench into the works, do nothing but complain, take it easy…on taxpayers dime…til after November 2010.

Also, Republicans want to scare Americans into thinking Democrats only want to “ram” through bills that would increase taxes. Of course these pronouncements are twisted and full of non-facts. Here’s a sampling of the ridiculous pontificating from GOP leaders encouraging a shutdown of the Congress from November 2010 to January 2011:

Republicans want to shutdown Congress until 2011 (Photo Credit: U.S. Capitol by cliff1066 of flickr creative commons)

On July 29, 2010 Rep. Tom Price (R) of Georgia offered a Resolution in the House of Representatives pledging:

“Not to assemble between the dates on or between the dates of November 2, 2010 and January 3, 2011 except in the immediate unforseen emergency requiring the act of Congress.”

Basically there is a lot of very hot air coming from the Republican side of the aisle that is adding to Global warming in D.C. and making an already hot summer even steamier. Their bloviating could power many hot air balloons.

Lots of Hot Air Coming from D.C. (Photo Credit: Denver Broncos hot air balloon by bugeaters on flickr creative commons)

Real Definition of “Radical Government Expansion”

Just remember, keeping the Bush tax cuts permanently is the most radical expansion of government because it will increase the deficit by $700 billion. Also, these tax cuts only help the top 1-2% top earners in the U.S. and will not create new jobs.

Bright Idea:

What would really be refreshing is if the Republicans and Democrats could actually get something done before the November elections. Of course, that would mean there would have to be real dialogue and cooperation on behalf of Americans instead of demagoguery. One can hope…

Again, Lady Gaga had a great idea, “We have to get active.”

Call Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman John Boehner and tell them to stop holding up the business of the American people because people like that have no business being in Congress.

The only “Job killing” happening in Congress are the attempts by Senator McConnell to stop legislation that would create jobs.

Jobs are jobs, and because Republicans wanted $40 billion dollars cut out of the economic stimulus bill in 2009 that would have helped struggling state governments, hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs have been lost over the last few months. Rachel Maddow reminded us all about this little point on her recent program on 8/6/2010.

Here is another synopsis of some GOP strategies towards the midterm elections:

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Issue by issue dissection of GOP’s embarrassing 2010 strategy

Twisted Logic

McConnell says, “where are the jobs?” when he is directly responsible for the jobs killed when needed money failed to go to states on demand of the Republican party. Now McConnell and Boehner loudly blame democrats for something Republicans specifically requested in order to pass the economic stimulus bill in 2009.

This little dance of Republicans and Fox News claiming “blame it on Obama, Pelosi and Reid” can be traced back to Republicans not considering public sector jobs worth saving. Jobs are jobs, and as Rachel Maddow pointed out in her interview with Ezra Klein from the Washington Post, jobs in both the public and private sectors are worth saving.  When people have jobs, they are able to put money into the economy.

The irony is that the Democrats tried to work together with the Republicans by accepting many of their cuts to the stimulus bill even though only 3 Republican Senators ended up voting for the Final Stimulus Bill

  1. Olympia Snowe (ME)
  2. Susan Collins (ME)
  3. Arnold Specter (PA).

However, now we see that by not sending money to the cash-starved states and their public sector jobs, state and local governments are cutting people from their work force.

The key issue here:

A clash of philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans:

Democrats believe government can play a positive role in American life for the common good.

Republicans believe government somehow infringes on their “freedoms”.

When will Republicans see that everything is not black or white?

Yes, sometimes people within government do stupid and self-serving things across all party lines. But this is not always the case. There are plenty of dedicated public servants in government, local, state and federal, who like their jobs and do the best they can to do a great job.

And, not all corporations are bad either. It depends on the philosophy and actions of those in power in a corporation or small business organization. What is their business ethic? How is this carried out within their company and within the environment?

Let’s look at what will help Americans now:  Jobs, Job, more jobs….

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