It’s Time to Pass Real Jobs Bill in Congress

Americans need more jobs. However, in July, Senate Republicans Blocked Key Legislation that would have created Loans for Small Businesses that would have helped create more jobs

Why are Republicans against helping Small Businesses Get More Credit?

The needed legislation, H.R. 5297: Small Business Jobs and Credit Act if 2010, would have cost $30 billion to help create loans to small businesses that currently are experiencing a credit crunch from banks.  The bill would help community banks with less than $10 billion in assets have more money to lend.

The House passed the bill on June 17, 2010. Then it went to the Senate and was blocked on July 29, 2010 due to various Republicans claiming it was a “bailout” bill.

The $30 billion for the small business assistance bill would have opened up at least $300 billion in credit for small businesses! Yet Republicans claim this is a “bailout” even though the bill includes $12 billion in tax breaks for small businesses !

Hypocrisy in Action

Republicans complain there are not enough jobs being created by the Obama administration. Then they refuse to pass any legislation that would actually create jobs.

WHO LEFT US WITH HUGE DEFICITS by Speaker Pelosi flickr cc


The November 2010 election races have begun.

Get ready, Get set, Go! and Watch Out for:

  • Misleading talking points
  • Attempts to redirect meaningful issues to emotional hot button issues
  • Lots of money from corporations thanks to the Roberts Court decision on Citizens United

Misleading Talking Points Crafted by Political Pundits

Talking Points: 5-10 second sound bites. These phrases are frequently repeated in the same news cycle on many media: on the internet blogs, print and video news media, and on radio talk shows.


Chamber of Horror Echo Talking Points of Republicans

Many political pundits look for those “shock and awe” irritating talking points that mostly rile people up or make them fearful of the current administration. They attack people instead of the problem. Very petty. Very catty. MEAOW!

Case in Point:

The Small Business Lending Bill stalled in the Senate would help small businesses get money to grow their businesses so they could create jobs which would in turn employ people and grow the economy.  Yet, the talking points used to stall this bill claimed this bill will add to the deficit. This “deficit” talking point theme is meant to redirect attention away from the real issue – the need to create jobs – and, instead, get people fearful about the deficit.

Just Say No to Fearmongering by Newt Gingrich and John Boehner

It seems that Republicans suddenly want to work on the deficit when for 8 years very little effort was made to stop the huge trillions of dollars of debt run up by the Bush administration. Yet, now, in a time when the prevailing wisdom by many economists is that we need to put money into the economy in order to grow the economy, Republicans suddenly got “deficit” religion.

Their one note chorus is “extend the tax cuts.” Even though the tax cuts according to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would cost $700 billion and would benefit primarily the top 2% of the highest earners in the U.S.

John Boehner coined a special talking point pinging around the airwaves when Speaker Pelosi announced she would bring back Congressmen for a vote on a different jobs bill:

“stimulus paid for” with “job-killing tax” on U.S. job creators.”

Let’s review this series of talking point non-points.  It contains hot button words like “job-killing” and “tax.” Very scary words. Then in the same sentence Senate Minority Leader John Boehner says, “U.S. job creators.”  Who exactly are these job creators and what the heck is Boehner talking about when he says “tax?” Does “tax” refer to ending the 10 years of Bush tax cuts passed in reconciliation in 2001 and 2003?

Do Republican politicians really want to create jobs for Americans? They have a chance to show they do by passing new Jobs legislation in August that would help educators.

Speaker Pelosi is calling back the Congress from their  recess to sign a jobs bill for teachers, children and seniors next week.

Remedy to Current Senate Gridlock on Key Issues

As Lady Gaga recently said in Arizona, “We have to get active.”

Yes, time to get “active” and let your voice be heard.  Also, better get out the vote. Just remember, President Obama inherited a great big mess from the previous administration. He is trying to chart a new course.  It is like turning around a great massive ship of state.  Patience, Patience, Patience….and “get active.”

Huge Skimming Ship Headed for Gulf from CBS News

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