The D.C. Guys are Just Smoking Their Cigars…

Just Smoking Our Cigars…

What’s smelling up the avenues of K Street in Washington D.C.?

Ah, that pungent smelly aroma of cigar stench.

Just a bunch of guys getting together to enjoy a little smokarooni amongst fellow cigar lovers.  Don’t pay any attention to the fact that they just coincidentally happen to be from major pharmaceutical and oil companies and congress. And, from big tobacco…

They are just a bunch of smoke-loving cigar guys and gals–mostly guys–enjoying “comraderie.”

Of course, if they happen to talk about other things, “wink” “Wink” – it’s only amongst cigar lovers. And, Hey, it’s all OK with the House Administration Committee.


Yes, certified and approved said one of the guests walking up the stairs in the Huffington Post Report and the Huff Post Investigative Video on You-Tube.

Huffington Post Investigative Report on the Congressional Cigar Association – Smokin’

Just a bunch of regular ol’ guys smokin.

Smokin with Cuban Pete from the Mask…

2010 Election in CA 50th with Bilbray and Busby

The race in CA’s 50th district between Brian Bilbray (R) and Francine Busy (D) is heating up towards November 2010 election.

Funny thing, it turns out Brian Bilbray, the incumbant congressman of CA 50th district, was lobbied by Thomas Kim of Thomas Capitol Partners. Kim’s staffers are on the six-member board of the Congressional Cigar Association (CCA).   Bilbray sponsored the congressional  staff organization and sent a letter in February 2009 to the House Administration Committee.  However, Bilbray staffers claim he hasn’t been involved with the group since he recommended its founding.


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