The Age of Stupid Documentary on Snag Films

What is the Age of Stupid?

Get Smart! Learn from the Documentary the Age of Stupid!

This compelling documentary takes us to 2055 and looks back from there to 2005 where the evidence of unusual climate change became increasingly evident worldwide. This film does a great job of incorporating imaginative envisioning into showing us where we are headed now as a global community if we do not change our ways. And, MEAOW, we do not want to go there!

This is a real cautionary tale based on real interviews with people affected by stupid energy policies of their respective governments and stupid governmental policies of dealing with major energy corporations that just want the resources from every willing country in the world, including Nigeria and the U.S.

Turns out BP is not the only major oil company that deserves a corporate brain and heart transplant.

Watch this documentary and learn what Shell Oil is doing to Nigeria. Now that is really really stupid and bad for the people stuck with the pollution from Shell’s oil production plants leaking dirty oil into Nigeria’s waterways and killing the fish.

You can watch the entire documentary on Snag Films.

Time for a Re-Envisioning of Our Collective Future on Planet Earth

This movie gives plenty of reasons why we need to take swift action now to move from a society that puts everything on profit first and quality of life (for all people and living things) second. The Age of Stupid highlights the need to re-envision what kind of future we want for ourselves and succeeding generations. Now is the time to change our priorities to focus on a global ethic that puts people, cats and other living things before profits.

The Age of Stupid

How to Create the AGE of NOT STUPID

Go on this website, and listen to the children of today who will be adults in 2050. What kind of world will we give to them? What choices do we make individually and collectively that will decide their fate?

It is not too late. There are things we can all do now to help create a better future.

Envisioning a Positive Future:

What do you want the future to be for you, for your family, for your children and grandchildren?

What do we need to do to create a hopeful future for humanity?

What would that time look like?

Sit down now and write out what your plan is to protect the present and the future?

Remember, every bit helps.

Transition Towns

What would a community look like if it ran out of oil?  These are questions the originator of Transition Towns concepts and co-founder of the Transition Towns Network, Rob Hopkins, asked himself and the first Transition Town Totnes. There is a Transition Town handbook with 12 steps of how a community can begin transitioning away from an oil-based community to a sustainable community. These concepts for other Transition Towns have spread all over the world.

Transition Towns – Karen Jones

Green communities case study – North Howe Transition Town

We are One Global Community and One Climate

Think globally act locally.

Educate yourself, your family, your friends and your government representatives, including perhaps the Mayor of your city or town, the Governor of your State and the President of your Country.


Individually and together.  Send letters to your governmental officials and join one or more organizations that are working for a world that acts responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and move towards clean energy worldwide.

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