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The Role of the Chief Justice and the Roberts Court

The Roberts Court is the most conservative court in decades. A recent NYT column by Adam Liptak claims Chief Justice Roberts Court is far to the right of even more conservative courts in U.S. history. In Senate confirmation hearings Roberts claimed a justice was just like an “umpire.” However, Roberts has been part of a court that recently overturned 103 years of settled law with the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC) case. The Courts 5:4 decision that split across partisan lines could potentially affect the outcome of the November 2010 election by allowing corporations to pay for political ads up to the day of the election with unlimited funds. Even though unions also have the same ability to fund political ads, the key is, who has the deeper pockets? Corporations of course… Continue reading

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The D.C. Guys are Just Smoking Their Cigars…

Just Smoking Our Cigars… What’s smelling up the avenues of K Street in Washington D.C.? Ah, that pungent smelly aroma of cigar stench. Just a bunch of guys getting together to enjoy a little smokarooni amongst fellow cigar lovers.  Don’t … Continue reading

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27,000 Oil Wells Abandoned in Gulf for Decades!

50,000 Oil Wells Drilled in Gulf since 1940’s AP Impact: Gulf Awash in 27,000 Abandoned Wells Of the 50,000 oil wells drilled in the Gulf, 23,500 have been “permanently abandoned” and another 3,500 oil wells are categorized as “temporarily abandoned,” … Continue reading

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The Age of Stupid Documentary on Snag Films

Will we ever learn that the Age of Stupid is upon us and we need to shift gears to a different energy development policy that is less dependent on oil? The Age of Stupid documentary will make you think and take action to help people and cats go in a saner and smarter direction that will benefit everyone and everything on this planet. Continue reading

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Nuclear Weapons To Zero ASAP

Nuclear weapons to Zero ASAP. Even former cold war architects like Sam Nunn and Henry Kissinger agree. Continue reading

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