Where is the U.S. Government in Cleaning Up the Oil in the Gulf?

Everyone must Clean Up the Gulf Now - MEAOW!

It's Time for a Green Energy Marshall Plan

Every day we hear more and more about oil seeping onto the pristine beaches of the Gulf of Mexico states.

What is going on? Why isn’t the U.S. government taking more action to prevent the oil from reaching the beaches? Once the oil reaches the beaches, wetlands or waterways flowing into the Gulf, it is much more difficult to prevent death and destruction of plants and animals. Also, it increases the cost of the clean-up.

President Obama, why not get the national guard to help more. The booms are not enough. Why not use every possible resource, technical as well as human intervention to stop the oil!!!

Is It Safe to Walk on the Gulf Coast Beaches Yet?

Is It Safe to Walk on the Gulf Coast Beaches Yet?

This is the time to show that government can play a positive role in stopping this gulf oil disaster.

Stop the Devastation of the BP Oil Spill Now

The Christian Science Monitor offers pictures of the oil spill. Also, The CSM writes about the worldwide protest for BP and the Gulf Oil Spill.

It’s Time for a Marshall Plan for Cleaning up the Oil and Moving Towards Renewable Energy

President Obama gave a speech about the BP Oil spill on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 to the nation. This was a perfect opportunity for him to address our energy problems squarely and also address the need to have a Marshall Plan approach to moving to energy independence.

President Obama Addresses Nation on BP Oil Spill

It is also time for the government to require all oil companies with existing offshore wells to provide:

  1. Proven failsafe redundant technology to prevent future catastrophic leaks/spills from wells being developed to wells already in operation.
  2. Develop and produce non-toxic effective clean-up procedures and technology that will take oil out of the water in all depths of the ocean (surface oil to deepwater plumes).
  3. Develop and produce non-toxic effective technology and procedures to prevent oil from reaching beaches, waterways and wetlands. Have a system that will effectively stop the oil and enable it to be taken out of the water.
  4. If oil does reach beaches, waterways and wetlands, develop better more effective non-toxic methods to effectively remove the oil from these areas and from the wildlife affected.

Kevin Costner to the Rescue!

Kevin Costner has a machine that will remove oil from the water. It’s time to produce these on mass and get more machines out to the gulf now! BP has purchased those available, but more need to be created and put into service.

Costner Offers BP Oil Clean-up Device – 2 Reports

Open for Questions: Gibbs on Oval Address, BP Oil Spill

BP apologizes to the American People and Vows to Give $20 Billion for Remediating the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Rachel Maddow Offers Bold Response to BP Oil Spill in Presidential Speech Rewrite if She was President

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