President Obama Hosts Historic Nuclear Security Summit

The Nuclear Security Summit Begins in D.C.

On April 12, 2010, President Obama welcomed more than 40 heads of state to the historic Nuclear Security Summit to discuss and plan for safeguarding and stopping the spread of nuclear materials.

The New York Times Editorial on April 11th entitled, “The Nuclear Security Summit,” stated:

Feel-good communiqués will not be enough. The meeting needs to produce concrete deadlines, working groups and future meetings to measure progress.

Beyond the 20,000-plus nuclear weapons in the Russian and American arsenals, experts estimate that worldwide there are roughly 2,100 tons of material that altogether could be used to make some 120,000 bombs. A bomb’s worth can fit in a suitcase. Most of that material is held by the United States and Russia, but there are also stocks in other weapons states and in countries with civilian power programs.

Next step, get all nations to sign and abide by the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and to work towards total elimination of nuclear weapons.

Recent comments by Senator Lieberman that we must “modernize our nuclear stockpile” are absurd. Doing this would send the wrong message to the world and undermine President Obama’s efforts to work towards elimination of nuclear weapons.

Tell Senator Lieberman he should ratify the new START Treaty. His comment about “modernizing our nuclear stockpile” really means he wants the U.S. to develop a new class of nuclear weapons. No, No, No, Joe, MEAOW! Nuclear weapons are bad for all living things, especially cats and people.

No nuclear weapons for you Joe, just Ratify the New Start Treaty

No new nuclear weapons for you Joe, just Ratify the New START Treaty

Nuclear weapons are a danger to all mankind. There should be no amount of money spent on the development of any new type of nuclear weapon. What is Lieberman’s real motivation for saying this inflammatory comment on the eve of the Nuclear Security Summit?

Jonathan Mann of wrote a great song to encourage us all to create A Culture of Peace and to finally once and for all Stop the Nuclear Menace:

Song a Day #434: How to Stop the Nuclear Menace (in Song) by Jonathan Mann

Albert Einstein worked for non-use of nuclear weapons:

Albert Einstein things nuclear weapons are bad for humanity

Albert Einstein thinks nuclear weapons are bad for humanity

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