President Obama Signs Historic Nuclear Disarmament Treaty with Russia

President Obama signed an historic nuclear disarmament treaty in Prague with President Medvedev that will cut nuclear arsenals of both countries by one-third.

President Obama said today, April 8, 2010 at the Treaty signing:

“The key is for the United States and Russia to show leadership on this front because we are so far ahead of every nation with respect to possession of nuclear weapons.”

Obama, Medvedev Sign Treaty to Cut Nuclear Arms

Obama, Medvedev Sign Off on New Nuclear Pact

Next week President Obama will meet with 47 countries at a special Nuclear Security Summit to discuss ways to further reduce and eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons.

The eleven signatories of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto would be happy to learn about today’s historic Nuclear Disarmament Treaty and the upcoming conference hosted by the United States and President Obama. These courageous scientists who wrote the Russell-Einstein Manifesto sent an important message to leaders of the world and all humanity on July 9, 1955 urging them to eliminate the use of nuclear weapons due to the horrible danger they posed to the world.

The Russell-Einstein Manifesto stated:

“We have to learn to think in a new way. We have to learn to ask ourselves, not what steps can be taken to give military victory to whatever group we prefer, for there no longer are such steps; the question we have to ask ourselves is: what steps can be taken to prevent a military contest of which the issue must be disastrous to all parties?”

“There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels? We appeal as human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new Paradise; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death.”

The Senate must Now Ratify the New Nuclear Disarmament Treaty

President Obama and President Medvedev have taken the important step of signing this new Nuclear Arms Control Treaty and the Senate must now step up and ratify the treaty. This is a time for people of all parties to bridge the partisan differences and forge common ground for the sake of humanity.

Here is the Resolution that the Russell Einstein signatories urged every person and nation to uphold:


WE invite this Congress, and through it the scientists of the world and the general public, to subscribe to the following resolution:

“In view of the fact that in any future world war nuclear weapons will certainly be employed, and that such weapons threaten the continued existence of mankind, we urge the governments of the world to realize, and to acknowledge publicly, that their purpose cannot be furthered by a world war, and we urge them, consequently, to find peaceful means for the settlement of all matters of dispute between them.”

Max Born
Percy W. Bridgman
Albert Einstein
Leopold Infeld
Frederic Joliot-Curie
Herman J. Muller
Linus Pauling
Cecil F. Powell
Joseph Rotblat
Bertrand Russell
Hideki Yukawa

Sir Joseph Rotblat who was the last living signatory of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995 for his nuclear disarmament work with the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Dr. Rotblat passed away at the age of 96 in 2005 after dedicating his life to the pursuit of peace and to abolishing nuclear weapons.

He left the Manhattan Project  the end of 1944 when he learned that Germany had abandoned pursuing the development of a nuclear weapon.

Protecting Present and Future Generations

Let’s hope that the U.S. Senate will set aside their differences and acknowledge that this Treaty will help protect present and future generations. The best legacy we can leave our children is to ratify this nuclear disarmament treaty which President Obama hopes is an important first step on the road to eliminating these weapons.

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