Scott Brown Lies and Claims Rachel Maddow Will Run Against him for Senate

Scott Brown of Massachusetts is already showing that he bends the truth — a lot. He’s sending out fundraising literature claiming Rachel Maddow is going to run against him in the next election in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown Claims Rachel Maddow Plans to Run for Senate in 2012

However, Rachel Maddow has stated over and over again on her MSNBC program that she is not running for office and has no plans to do so. Yet, Brown continues to wrongfully claim she is running against him. Oh, the games Scott Brown plays. He’s quite a character. MEOW!  He is so brazen that he is lying in the open even though Maddow has gone on TV discrediting his lies.

What does Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) hope to achieve with his lies about Rachel Maddow?

Scott Brown, Cats see right through your slick phoney campaign against Maddow!

Scott Brown, Smart Cats see right through your slick phony campaign against Maddow!

If Scott Brown lies now, what else could he be lying about? Can we trust anything he says? Let’s see if Massachusetts voters finally see the real Scott Brown who is acting like a real slick operator who campaigns against imaginary candidates in order to try and raise money.

Massachusetts voters, if you decide you want a different person representing you in the Senate in 2010, then you better make sure your elections are free from manipulation. Just remember that on January 19, 2010, there was evidence of pre-inked ballots for Scott Brown that mysteriously were given to voters on their way to casting their vote in the Special Massachusetts Senate election.

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