The Repealers want to Reinstate the Horrible Donut Hole for RX

Republicans Want to Keep the RX Donut Hole that Hurts Seniors

Time to Close the RX Donut Hole for Seniors, Republicans Disagree - Huh?

It’s unbelievable. The Congress has finally passed an historic comprehensive Health Care Reform Bill that will benefit all Americans regardless of party affiliation. Yet, Michelle Bachman and other Republicans are desperate to stop remedies to help Americans. They have a misguided plan to try to repeal this legislation. Sounds like sour milk.

MEAOW! Close the RX Donut Hole for Seniors!

MEAOW! Close the RX Donut Hole for Seniors!

Meaow! Meaow! Meaow!

Do Republicans want Seniors to continue to be subjected to the dreaded Donut Hole? Many Seniors can’t afford purchasing their drugs when they hit their RX donut hole. They have to pay 100% of prescription drug costs in the donut hole. For some people costs can skyrocket beyond anything they can afford.

Dangers of the RX Donut Hole

Do Republicans want Seniors to have to choose between eating or their medications? Then why do they want to repeal legislation that finally closes the RX Donut Hole for Seniors?

According to Consumer

When a senior reaches the threshold of the “donut hole”,

the senior has no coverage until his or her drug costs reach $5,100-a gap of $2,850. In 2007, the gap will increase to $3,051, and it is projected to grow to $5,066 in 2013. While in this coverage gap, seniors continue to pay Part D premiums.


Inflammatory Talking Points & Rhetoric across the Right Wing Blogosphere Incite Protestors to Spew Racist Comments & Break Windows

It is unfortunate that some people in Congress and in the Right Wing Media actively support and encourage violence and hatred against others who do not agree with their views. This is dangerous, mean-spirited and unnecessary and must stop. There is no place in our society for racism. It is disgraceful that protestors yelled the N-word to civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis and also slandered Rep. Barney Frank.

Haters Grow Louder! Time to Turn Down the Volume

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