Massachusetts Special Election January 19, 2010 for Senate Seat

Massachusetts Democrats Push Back Bank-Rolled Tea Partiers

The Tea Party has sponsored a candidate in the upcoming Special Election for Senator for Massachusetts who is no relation to Senator Edward Kennedy. Will Massachusetts voters realize that Tea Party Candidate Joseph L. Kennedy running as the “Liberty” candidate is far far to the right of Senator Edward Kennedy and is not a relative?

The democratic candidate Martha Coakley supports Health Care Reform.

In a Boston Globe article Coakley said:

“When I am attacked, or my record is attacked, or my record is misrepresented, I’m going to fight back.” “We are going to make every effort to make sure that people know what the real differences are between me and Scott Brown so they can make a real choice on Jan. 19.”

Martha Coakley for U.S. Senate

Joseph L. Kennedy and Scott P. Brown, the Republican candidate, hope to block health care legislation.

Scott Brown is getting millions of dollars from the Republican party who see this election as an opportunity to block Health Care Reform and possibly future energy legislation.

People of Massachusetts must recognize that every person’s vote counts in the upcoming Special Election on Tuesday, January 19th. Democrats will have to continue to get out the vote to guarantee that Martha Coakley wins this important election.

The Right Wing Media Machine

Meanwhile, the negative right wing media machine is churning out articles on the internet, TV and print media to confuse voters about Martha Coakley’s record and platform. Where is all the negative press coming from about Martha Coakley? According to Media Matters and the Huffington Post, the new free paper, The Washington Examiner has a decided “right wing tilt.”

Media Matters reported that The Washington Examiner is owned by Denver billionaire Philip F. Anschutz. SourceWatch states that Anschutz is one of the “largest land-owners in Colorado, a major player in the oil, railroad and media markets.”

Anschutz owns Clarity Media Group which owns conservative papers such as the San Francisco Examiner, Washington Examiner, and newly acquired The Weekly Standard which was previously owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

In addition, Anschutz is building up websites for many of Clarity Media Group’s holdings.

Can We Handle the Truth?

Who can you trust these days in the media? What is really fair and balanced? According to the dictionary:


  1. pleasing to the eye or mind;
  2. superficially pleasing;
  3. a. clean, pure or b. clear, legible
  4. not stormy or foul
  5. ample
  6. a. marked by impartiality and honesty: free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism, b. (1) confirming with the established rules: allowed (2): consonant with merit or importance: due, c. open to legitimate pursuit, attack or ridicule.

Well, it seems there are many meanings of “fair”. Now I understand why Fox News uses “fair” and balanced. There are so many meanings which one do they actually use?

Americans Need Patience in Expecting Positive Change

President Obama has been in office only one year and he has already prevented a major depression and moved along much needed Health Care Reform. Yet, he is constantly attacked for not moving fast enough.

Republican pundits want to forget that Obama inherited from the Bush Administration:

  1. An expensive and devastating War in Iraq which was a war of choice,
  2. A wrecked economy in part due to greedy unregulated bankers and traders on Wall Street,
  3. A government that was stripped of its ability to protect the environment or prevent abuse of the food and drug administration.

As President Obama is doing his best to navigate the political world of Washington, he is also cleaning up the mess left by Bush and Cheney where they used government as their personal pocketbook for awarding favorite corporations like Halliburton and Blackwater billions of dollars $$$ of no-bid contracts, especially in Iraq.

So, let’s give President Obama a chance to take a breath. He was voted into office to create “change we can believe in.” Now we have to give him time to do it. Remember, even though he has a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, the democrats in Congress are across the spectrum from liberal to ultra-conservative.

Now we are on the eve of a key election in Massachusetts. Senator Edward Kennedy spent 46 years in the Senate and he was able to broker many successful deals that benefitted the American people.

On January 19th Senator Ted Kennedy’s successor will continue the fight to make government truly work for and by the people of Massachusetts and the United States. However, if people in Massachusetts are hoodwinked by slick multi-million dollar media campaigns that use every dirty trick to confuse voters about the real Martha Coakley, then that will be a sad day for Massachusetts and the nation.

People of Massachusetts WAKE UP and REALIZE that big money is trying to make Scott Brown look like the perfect candidate. He reminds me of a slicked up George Bush. Watch out for the hype.

Vicki Kennedy: Martha Coakley will ‘fight for us’

Martha Coakley is the person who will truly continue the work of Ted Kennedy, not a right-wing stealth candidate like Scott Brown who would only block true “change we can believe in.”

So, Massachusetts, please Get Out the Vote and elect Democratic candidate Martha Coakley who will insure the 60 seat filibuster proof Democratic majority in the Senate and guarantee the passage of meaningful Health Care Reform!

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