Happy Healthy New Year to Everyone!!!

Happy New Year 2010 by KR

Happy New Year 2010 by KR

Kitty Reporter’s WISH LIST FOR 2010

It is New Year’s Day 2010. My MEAOW wishes for a fantastic year are:

  • All countries in the world learn to work together to create peace, especially in the Middle East
  • We solve the energy crisis and create clean energy technology for all
  • No more pollution
  • There is affordable healthcare for all
  • We create a successful sustainable economy
  • We end poverty and illiteracy
  • Dialogue and Diplomacy become the norm in solving disputes
  • Science and Technology is used to help make the world a better place for all life
  • Abolish all nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction

What are your wish lists for 2010? Please leave your comments.

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