Glenn Beck, Fox News and Goebbels’ Playbook

Glenn Beck is masquerading as a patriot while he bates terrorists to attack our monuments in Washington D.C.

What is Beck trying to achieve through his hate speech? Does he have a wish to make this happen? Well, it seems he might, and that is very unpatriotic, idiotic and —very dangerous.

Mr. Beck tries to paint himself as an everyman by saying things like:

“Nobody talks about the little guy. Nobody talks about the individual.”

These comments are designed purposely to upset viewers and to mislead every person who listens to him into thinking he is the only person who really cares about “the little guy.” There are plenty of people–democrats, republicans and independents–who care about “the little guy.”

His rhetoric is highly inflammatory, full of misinformation and in many instances right out of Joseph Goebbel’s propaganda playbook.

The Power of Words for Good or Evil

Professor Howard Gardner, Chair of the Steering Committee of Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education and the school’s John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, stated in an Interview with Howard Gardner by Joel Kurtzman,

“Goethe and Goebbels, for example, were both brilliant users of the German language, but one used it to write poetry and the other to incite hatred.”

Beck uses psychobabble to say things like: “Please ponder this over the holiday season” regarding his crazy exercise to have people imagine terrorist attacks on U.S. monuments. He wants people to think specifically over the holiday season that no one cares about them except of course Glenn Beck. If he cared about them, he wouldn’t be asking them to imagine horrible images of destruction! What kind of twisted mental gymnastic exercise is he asking people to do? It is a gross misuse of language.

At the same time Beck talks about “the little guy,”  the words “America is about families, family values, and guiding principles” flashes on the screen during his monologue as a subliminal message to make viewers think that is what Glenn Beck is all about and what Fox is all about.

Yet, what does that mean when Beck uses his show to ask people to “imagine” a terrorist attack on D.C. during a time when people are celebrating the holidays with their families?

Now that is evil and against families. Why does he have to go to such ridiculous extremes by invoking such unthinkable thoughts?

Instead, as an antedote to his warped vision, let’s imagine the complete opposite vision – a more positive view – that we will find a way to prevent terrorism in the U.S. and in the world – to counter Mr. Beck’s horrible conscious effort to bring terror to the U.S. through his direct manipulative language on national TV.

It is OK to have a different perspective on issues, just stop the hate and disinformation. However, it appears there is a campaign of this hate news on certain Fox National News teams like O’Reilly, Hannity & Glenn Beck shows. Also, Karl Rove manages to throw in some nasty comments every chance he can get about anyone who is not in his party.

What is the real solution? Getting the truth out about the lies perpetrated on Glenn Beck’s show.

What is Glenn Beck really trying to do through his show?

Glenn Beck’s invocation of “the little guy” is right out of Nazi propaganda developed by Goebbels who was Hitler’s propagandist during World War II. Beck consistently uses Nazi rhetoric to defame the Obama administration and the democrats. He utilizes the very brain washing tactics of Joseph Goebbels himself who talked about the “little guy” who was the so-called unheralded German and then combined this with a racially pure philosophy to justify killing Jews and non-Aryan people.

Robert McChesny on Goebbels Press Model

Similarly, Glenn Beck’s rhetoric on his show is designed to:

  • Scare people with untruths, especially people on the right and in the south;
  • Upset the public by attacking the Obama Administration and equating it with negative symbols and people;
  • Do everything he can to slander the Obama Administration no matter what they do by using emotional outbursts and misleading statistics.

Stop Hate News on Fox

  • Tell Glenn Beck he must stop his crazy hate speech parading as news.
  • Tell Fox News to stop spewing hate news on the airwaves and on the internet.
  • Report hate news speech of Fox to the FCC and your Congressmen & Senators.
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    3 Responses to Glenn Beck, Fox News and Goebbels’ Playbook

    1. James Brown says:

      I just find it very interesting that the former head of SEIU Andy Stern, the one who Obama looks to most on political issues, says that if the power of persuasion doesn’t work, he will use the persuasion of power. If that is not creepy enough he says that he knows where we live and how we voted. Beck uses their own words against them, he does not spread untruths, it’s all backed up in their own video and audio.

      • kittyreporter says:

        Dear James,
        Thanks for your comments. Please send the link to what you are referring to about Andy Stern. Glenn Beck frequently presents video, audio and print media out of context to his audience. He may highlight some phrase that sounds scary by itself, but if you heard the complete context, you would see the whole picture and it could be the opposite of what Beck claims a person said. Glenn Beck is not a purveyor of truth and facts. He fills people up with lies, misleading talking points and appeals to raw emotion to get people scared or very angry. Please look into multiple sources of information for news. KR

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