A Tribute to Brother Blue, Hugh Morgan Hill, Weaver of Stories

Brother Blue and Peggy Melanson at findingcourage.com

Dr. Hugh Morgan Hill also known as Brother Blue, passed away on Nov. 3, 2009 at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His wonderful storytelling throughout Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts will be greatly missed, especially his versions of Shakespeare and King Lear.

Brother Blue doing a piece of King Lear

Brother Blue frequently dressed in all blue and drew pictures of butterflies on his hands and face. His brother’s love of butterflies lead Mr. Hill to use it as an important symbol in his storytelling which often included themes of personal transformation. He wore a blue cap with butterfly and peace motifs pinned on it. He brought joy, happiness and whimsy wherever he went. Just seeing him walk through Harvard Square in his colorful dress made you smile. He was a modern day troubadour and shaman.

As the New York Times obituary stated,

Mr. Hill regarded storytelling as a sacred duty and a path to universal harmony.

“When you tell a story, you tell it to all creation,” he once said. “It’s cosmic. It never goes away.”

Children and adults who heard Brother Blue’s parables and stories will remember his inspirational and thought provoking tales. His wife of 59 years, Ruth Edmonds, who is curator at the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe, frequently accompanied him during his storytelling performances.

Brother Blue and his wife Ruth Edmonds: http://www.artofstorytellingshow.com

Brother Blue, thank you for all the years of storytelling you brought to the world. You also motivated many young people to take up the craft of storytelling to the next generation.

For more information about Brother Blue, see www.brotherblue.com.

Cambridge Community Television created a tribute to Brother Blue.

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