The Truth about Health Care Reform and The Public Option

Billionaires for Wealthcare Satirical Musical at AHIP Insurance Conference

News Commentator Rachel Maddow reported about the guerilla musical parody of “The Sun Will Come Out” sung by members of the Billionaires for Weathcare at the lobbying group America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) conference for health insurers in Washington D.C. on October 24, 2009.

During Republican pollster Bill McInturf’s talk at the conference, members of Billionaires for Wealthcare in the audience suddenly burst into song about the public option saying, “without it, It’s a Corporate Give-A-Way.”

Opera at DC Conference of Health Care Insurance from Billionaires for Wealthcare by Rachel Maddow

Here is the text of the musical parody sung to the tune “The Sun Will Come Out.”:

Thank you
For killing the public option
And blocking any hope of its adoption
Thank you, Sir!

But what about competition?
It’s an old American tradition
So I’ve heard?

When Olympia Snow
Said No, It Croaked

No, the option’s not dead
Or Red!


If we get a public option
We can sniff out waste
Just like a dachsund
Costs go down!

The Option
The Option
The Public wants Options
Without it, It’s a giveaway

The Option
The Option
The Public wants Options
Without it,
It’s a corporate

Momentum Building for the Public Option

According to a report by Bill Moyers, “The Journal: Profits over People” on PBS, Seventy-Two percent (72%) of Americans want Health Care Reform to include a Public Option that competes with private plans. Thousands of doctors, nurses, and Americans from around the country protested this June 2009 in D.C. chanting:

“What do you want? Healthcare! When do you want it? NOW!

Moyers said the healthcare insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are spending more than $1.4 million/day to make sure a public option won’t happen. More than 350 former members of Congress and “government staffers” are being employed to try and stop health care reform and implementation of a public option.

What are the motives for this massive effort to stop health care reform?

Is it because these organizations care about the health of Americans? Not likely. According to some former health care insurance executives, it is based solely on maintaining corporate profits as whistleblower, Wendell Potter, former Head of Corporate Communications of Cigna health insurance (the U.S. 4th largest health insurer), testified before the Senate Commerce Committee this past summer. Potter claimed that the insurance companies are engaging in a “duplicitous” and well financed charm offensive that really is a PR and lobbying campaign to prevent implementation of a public option with the goal of benefitting “wall street far more than average Americans”. Potter also testified that,

“The industry and its backers are using fear tactics, as they did in 1994, to tar a transparent and accountable publically accountable health care option as “government-run healthcare”.”

“But what we have today, Mr. Chairman, is Wall Street run healthcare that has proven itself an untrustworthy partner to its customers, to the doctors and hospitals that deliver its care, and to the state and federal governments that attempt to regulate it.”

Wendell Potter’s candid snapshot of the current state of Health Care in America as provided by most insurance companies shines a harsh light on the standards and practices of insurance companies.

Many legislators on both sides of the aisle have received generous donations from the health insurance industry in order to try and steer health care reform the way it wants – which is not necessarily what is best for Americans.

This is a rare opportunity in the U.S. to finally accomplish much needed Health Care Reform to provide all Americans with excellent affordable health care. A public option will drive down costs, and other necessary regulations will prevent Health Care insurance companies from deliberately denying people insurance, especially at the very moment they need it most — when they get sick.

Universal Healthcare for all Citizens? Dont Be Silly

Universal Healthcare for all Citizens? Don't Be Silly

If France, the UK, Canada and other developed nations around the world can offer its citizens uncomplicated affordable health care, isn’t it time the U.S. finally began putting people before profits? Yes, it is.

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  1. Matt says:

    Your article is quite insightful especially in light of the current Obamacare program. We, also, are trying to inform people so they are able to make educated choices. Thank you,

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