Climate Change tck tck tck Blog Action Day 2009

tcktcktck-solutions for climate change

tcktcktck-solutions for climate change

Today is Blog Action Day where people all over the world will write about the Global Wake Up Call for all people and all nations to take action to protect our precious earth from the ravages of climate change.

It is our responsibility to make a difference.

We are the ones who must urge our leaders to take action.

We must make the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen from Dec. 7 – 18, 2009 successful by speaking out and letting our representatives know that it is time to take appropriate steps to curb climate change.

Human Voices – TckTckTck

Kumi Naidoo Discusses Copenhagen

Tck Tck Tck – It’s Time to Act on Climate Change

Issues that Confront the World:

  • Need for Clean Water
  • Protect Farm land
  • End Pollution and stop greenhouse gases from heating up our planet
  • Stop the oceans from getting warmer
  • Promote Green jobs
  • Promote Green technologies
  • Promote Sustainable development
  • All countries must help each other in stopping the ravages of Climate Change

Oxfam’s Darfur Q&A Part 2

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