Avaaz.org Organized a Great Awareness Day About Climate Change Issues

Here is a fantastic video produced by an organization called avaaz.org dedicated to bringing awareness about various social issues. This video shows snippets of coverage around the world of events that took place on September 21, 2009 – also the same day as the International Day of Peace – to encourage people and governments to begin making concrete meaningful efforts to protect our precious environment from global catastrophe due to pollution and climate change.

Here’s the video:

The United Nations Summit on Climate Change

Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary General

Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary General

“The objective of the Summit on Climate Change, which I am convening on 22 September, is to mobilize the political will and vision needed to reach an ambitious agreed outcome based on science at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Thirteen-Year-Old Yugratna Srivastava Addresses UN Climate Change Summit:

A young passionate 13-year old girl from Lucknow, India, Yugratna Srivastava, addressed world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York. During her speech which was cheered on by those in attendance Yugratna said,

“For my generation in India, climate change means global warming, scarcity of food and drinking water and an outbreak of accentuated epidemics.”

Yugratna represented the world’s three billion young people at the UN Summit on Climate Change in New York. She is a member of the environmental organization Tarumitra (Friends of Trees), which is dedicated to protecting trees and forests from being destroyed. The organization also builds roadside gardens and cleans up rubbish dumps.

Show your support for a Sustainable World. Send this postcard and postage stamp to your friends, family and public officials and urge them to take action to protect Mother Earth:

Sustainable Design is Good for Mother Earth Postcard

Sustainable Design is Good for Mother Earth Postcard

Sustainable Design Postage

Sustainable Design Postage

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