Sen. Baucus Health Care Reform Bill Needs More Reform to Work!

As Sam Stein of the Huffington Post reported on August 20, 2009:

A New Poll: 77 Percent of all Americans support “Choice” of a Public Option!

So, if 77% of all Americans support a public option choice, why are some democrats waivering?

That means 3 out of 4 Americans support the public option!

It’s time for some courage and backbone to stand up for what the people really want.

HELLO, Congress are you listening?

Apparently Sen. Max Baucus is only listening to the people who give him lots of money, the Medical-Insurance Companies.

After many days and hours with the so-called Gang of Six, three conservative democrats and 3 Republicans, not a single republican in the Senate Finance Committee signed the bill prepared by the Senate Finance Committee under the leadership of Sen. Max Baucus.

According to blogger

The Gang of Six and the $Money$ they have accepted from the Medical-Industrial Complex:

Max Baucus, a conservative democrat, has taken $2,890,631 from the Medical-Industrial Complex plus an additional $1,196,463 from the insurance companies.

Who exactly is Baucus really serving here? The people or the insurance companies that give him lots and lots of moolah?

The number next to each senators’ name is the number of votes they received in the last election:

Jeff Bingaman, conservative democrat,  383,228 votes
Kent Conrad, conservative democrat, 149,317 votes
Max Baucus, conservative democrat, 349,394 votes
Olympia Snowe, moderate republican, 398,723 votes
Chuck Grassley, conserative republican, 1,038,175 votes
Michael Enzi, far-right republican, 189,046 votes

I’m not sure Sen. Max Baucus listened to President Obama’s nationwide speech about health care before the jt. session of Congress. President Obama made the following points that he said were important to a successful health care reform package:

  1. Immediately end the pre-existing condition prejudice by insurance companies. Why is Baucus saying this would not go into effect until 2013? Why the 4 year wait?
  2. Public option. There is nothing in the Baucus plan resembling a meaningful public option that could effectively bring down health care costs.

Here’s the real answer to reform, if people want to keep the public option, forget the Republicans, it’s time to call the Blue Dog Democrats and let them know that an overwhelming number of democrats and Americans (3 out of 4 citizens!) want the public option.

A famous saying used by some lawyers may reveal why Fox news, astroturf organizations and the fringe of the Republican party are teaming up to scare people:

“When the facts are against you, argue the law. When the law is against you, argue the facts. When the law and the facts are both against you, pound the table.

Baby Finster of Looney Tunes Pounding Poor Bugs Bunny
Baby Finster of Looney Tunes Pounding Poor Bugs Bunny

That explains why “the table pounders” at Fox News and inside Congress are just trying to yell louder than anyone else so they appear as if there are more of them than of those who want meaningful reform. But the real facts and truth–they are in the minority no matter how loudly they yell or pound their fists in tantrums.

People who really want the public option, closing the Rx donut hole now and ending the pre-existing condition now must make their voices heard to their representatives and to those standing in the way of progress.

Let’s take the fear-mongering out of the debate and replace it with the truth. Time to take the phoney issues stirring people up out of the mix.

Demonstrate your vote to include the Public Option for Health Care Reform:

Yes, We Can Pass the Public Option

Yes, We Can Pass the Public Option

Public Option? YES

Public Option? YES

Yes We Can Pass the Public Option Hat

Yes We Can Pass the Public Option Hat

Yes We Can Pass Health Care Reform Button

Yes We Can Pass Health Care Reform Button

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