Civil Discourse Please: Dialogue and Listening

Is there some sort of crazy gene floating around the internet these days?

Why else would there be people saying President Obama is the anti-christ or that he is like Hitler?

I do not see the relationship or resemblance. In my searches for information about current issues I’ve been encountering more and more mean-spirited deluded people posting hate type speech about President Obama. These people seem to be confused and venting their frustration after hearing someone like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh launch into one of their fear messages full of lies and innuendos about a government takeover. Most of the things they say have nothing to do with reality and facts and for some people that is fine with them. However, the people listening to these twisted tirades live in the U.S.–not in caves in Afghanistan!

We complain that it is difficult to dialogue with terrorists but are some people in the right wing media like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly any better when we try to engage them in civil discourse?

Have you ever tried to have a basic conversation with any of these people about anything of substance? If anyone disagrees with Rush Limbaugh, he cuts them off and begins his denigrating name calling. Rush does not seem to allow people to ask any second or third questions about what he spouts on his show.

Fact Checking Anyone?

In this video, we hear Glenn Beck screaming at a woman caller trying to engage him in reasonable dialogue about health care reform. As you will see, being asked reasonable questions becomes just too much for Glenn, he starts hysterically yelling at her with mindless scary attacks after she asks him:

“What would you do to change this health care system for the better?”

Words seem to elude Beck and he just howls at the poor woman caller to “get off his phone.” It kind of reminds me of those cartoon characters that have steam coming out of their ears and their face becomes beet red with anger and their heads explode with rage.  Ay Carumba!

Glenn Beck Screams at Caller Who Tries to Engage Him In Dialogue about Health Care Reform

Why, Mr. Beck are you subjecting people to your craziness? And why are people believing you?

That is the saddest thing of all. I do not understand why people think that kind of craziness is worth their ears and eyeballs.

The Antidote to Inflammatory Hate Speech of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck

It is time to take a breath and cool out. The only way to solve our current challenges is to sit down and talk it over with each other with open minds and stop the fear mongering.

Join the campaign for a return to civility and encourage:

Civil Discourse Please through real dialogue and listening

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2 Responses to Civil Discourse Please: Dialogue and Listening

  1. jamblichus says:

    Thx for the add. Alexander Cockburn has written an excoriating piece for Truthout on a similar theme to this… worth checking out here

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