Why The Public Option Works

The Public Option.

Economist Robert Reich explains why the public option will work and why cooperatives may not work.

Reich also urges Americans to stop being scared by the right wing pundits and politicians and to make their voices heard now during the debate before the health care reform package is passed.

We need an effective health care reform package, not something watered down due to special interests.

Make Your Voices Heard – This is Your Last Chance

Reich said the “public option” would not be subsidized by the government or set the rules for anyone. If it did not offer good service, you could keep your existing plan. It would compete alongside the private insurers.

A national public option would have the “scale and authority to negotiate lower prices from health care providers” whereas the “cooperatives” would be “too small and scattered to have the scale and bargaining power of a public option.” Reich adds that the cooperatives would therefore “be designed to fail.”

Reich claims the powerful interests that want to see the health care reform plan fail are:

  • Drug companies
  • Insurance companies and
  • Political operatives

Reich said the “political operatives” want to “confuse and scare” the public about “change,” so the public will stay with a “flawed system” that everyone hates and that “costs too much.”

That’s why We The People must speak out now for the public option. It is the only option that will be large enough to negotiate lower prices to bring down health care costs for everyone.


I just saw this post by athirdwaycentrist blogger blogging that The Real ‘Norma Rae’, Crystal Lee Sutton, is dead of cancer at 68 after her battle with her health insurer. According to the article on Raw Story, her insurer delayed her treatment for her brain cancer.

Ms. Sutton’s death is why we must pass meaningful health care reform this year. No one should prematurely die because their insurer refuses them necessary treatment for their illness. This is an obvious example of how our current U.S. system places more value on profit for shareholders than the health of each person. This would not have happened in Canada, the UK or France because these countries have properly focused on providing good health care for each individual instead of trying to deny coverage.

The World Health Organization’s recent statistics show the U.S. ranks 37th in the world for health outcomes. So, when you hear people like Glenn Beck or any politician claiming the U.S. “has the best health care system in the world.” You know that something is wrong with that statement if we rank 37th in the world for health outcomes.

Some politicians want to create their own reality, but facts do not lie and the fact is that we are spending a lot of money in the U.S. for health care and yet we are not getting our money’s worth for our citizens.

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