President Obama Gave an Encouraging Speech to Students

President Obama gave “A Message of Hope and Responsibility for America’s Students” from Wakefield High School Arlington, Virginia. The speech was available online for parents and teachers to read in advance of the public address.

Students who watched the speech said their were inspired by the fact that President Obama said that education was a great equalizer. One young woman interviewed on the MacNeil Lehrer report of PBS said that she was encouraged by President Obama’s claim that no matter what type of financial situation you were born into, through getting a good education, a student could get a job equal to those students who were born into more fortunate financial circumstances. The great equalizer–getting a good education and applying it to your life.

President Obama’s Message for America’s Students September 8, 2009

Even Jim Greer, Chairman of the Republican Party in Florida, said that after he reviewed the speech online, he would let his kids watch it. Ironically, the sticking point for Greer was the lesson plan that previously had urged students to write a letter to President Obama about what they wanted to do for America. Did Greer object to President H.W. Bush’s claim for students to also write him about a similar topic when he spoke directly to school children during his administration?

It is clear that President Obama’s speech was something that was meant to inspire young students to stay in school and to realize that you do not have to be perfect, that having some failures in your life can actually be the cause of ones determination to succeed.

How encouraging to students that their president took time out to speak directly to them about their present and future.

Students react positively to the President’s speech:

The Non-controversial Speech plugged as “Controversial” by right-wing political pundits with their own hidden agenda

So it turns out that all the pundits gone wild about President Obama’s speech were little more than frantic squawking similar to the children’s fable about Chicken Little running around crying that the sky was falling when it was not falling.

Chicken Little:  The Sky Is Falling!

Chicken Little: "The Sky Is Falling!"

Has anyone bothered to look into the potential hidden agendas of the people attacking President Obama for his efforts to encourage youth of America to stay in school? I hope that Americans stop falling for the constant attempts by certain politicians and media personalities to attack the integrity of President Obama with baseless criticisms, mean-spirited rumors and racist innuendos.

Has anyone looked into the obvious and unstated agreement between the Republican party and their media propagandists to criticize every single action by President Obama on ideological grounds, including how he happens to throw a baseball and the fact that he and his family have a garden. These are clearly trivial matters that indicate the extreme measures that Republicans will go to in order to denigrate this president.

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2 Responses to President Obama Gave an Encouraging Speech to Students

  1. Paul says:

    Just like the Armageddon that would befall us in the year 2000, the speech that was suppose to indoctrinate our youth. Now who was spreading the baseless lies…..hmm…..oh ya, “Fake News”. Is anyone real surprised? Too funny.

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