A Majority of Parents Want President Obama To Speak to Their Children

As covered by the Miami Herald, “an overwhelming majority of parents have not complained about Obama giving their children a lecture on the importance of education.”

That’s right, the squeaking about President Obama’s speech is really small. However, the media echo chambers make these miniscule amounts of people seem larger than they really are. Are the trolls out in full force in some sort of organized manner?

Applause for those who are not swayed by internet trolls and crazed media personalities claiming the sky is falling if President Obama speaks to school children:

According to the Miami Herald, Republican Governor Charlie Crist said of the speech set for Sept. 8, 2009 that will encourage children to stay in school and work hard, “That is certainly an acceptable message by anybody’s standards.”

Parent Lisa Greenwell of Deerfield Beach, Florida, plans to watch the speech again with her children after they hear it live at their school.

She said of President Barack Obama,  “You are the president. Please speak to my children.”

Thank goodness for Broward Superintendent of Schools Jim Notter. Notter plans to have Broward schools broadcast the president live on the district’s television station.

Superintendent Jim Notter said, “I know that this is a quality teachable moment that we need to capture for our students.”

As this article on PoliticsUSA states,

“The right wing’s reaction to President Obama’s planned back to school speech has brought about criticism from mainstream Republicans. Today Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and Sen. Lamar Alexander all went on the Sunday talk shows and supported the idea that the president should be allowed to speak to school children.”

Newt Gingrich said on Meet the Press:

“My daughter Jackie Cushman just wrote a column in which she said, “if the president gives a speech as a parent to students to encourage them to learn and stay in school, it is a great thing for him to do.” It was a good thing for Ronald Reagan to do. It was a good thing for George H. W. Bush to do.”

The Lesson Plan Non-Issue

The sad thing is that Jim Greer, Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, has been going on news programs spouting his own propaganda about how the speech by President Obama is propaganda because there were “sample” lesson plans for teachers to use for their class.

These were “sample” lesson plans. That means the teachers could use them or not. They were not mandatory lesson plans. If I were a teacher I would appreciate someone creating a possible template to use for the class to listen to the speech. A teacher can always modify a lesson plan or not use it, depending on the situation. Actually it is a useful aid. However, Mr. Greer and his colleagues have tried to make it sound as if these lesson plans are directly from Karl Marx. That is totally absurd. They are making a tempest out of a teapot.

The Real Agenda Behind Attacks on President Obama

So what is the real point of all this fear-mongering about a speech to children in school? It is only another opportunity to attack the legitimacy of President Obama and his administration. There are racist overtones to the attacks on President Obama, and there is also equally dangerous demonization of President Obama which sends the wrong message to children. What is Mr. Greer and others really saying to young people about their president and their country by their misplaced attacks on the speech?

How can anyone reason with Mr. Greer who sees nothing wrong with the former presidents like President Reagan, President H.W. Bush and President G. W. Bush previously speaking with school children about education and even taxes, yet he continues to attack President Obama for speaking with school children? Why the double standard here about President Obama?

Mr. Greer’s attacks are blatant partisan politics gone wild. He should be praising President Obama for encouraging all children, regardless of political party or ideology, to stay in school and work hard.

When asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if he had read the speech already available online, Greer said he had not read the speech.

That’s right, Greer was attacking President Obama’s speech as being a partisan policy speech without reading it.

The children who get a good education will make America great. That is the truth and the real message of President Obama’s speech.

Here is a cute video called Kids Can Change the World:

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1 Response to A Majority of Parents Want President Obama To Speak to Their Children

  1. kittyreporter says:

    Parents, I want to hear from you. I know you are out there. Parents who are happy President Obama will speak with their children about the value of a good education.

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