President Obama Cares About Education

President Obama will speak to school children on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 about why they should stay in school. If I were school age I would be excited and proud that my president was going to come to my school to speak with me. President Obama knows that well-educated children will be better prepared for dealing with future challenges. He wants to encourage children that staying in school is actually cool.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan explains why President Obama wants to speak with children about education

Many cliques in schools make kids feel uncool if they care about school and studying. President Obama wants to send a message directly to children that education is a good thing for everyone, regardless of age, color, religion or ideology.

So why is Fox news and the right wing blab machine trying to label this talk as socialist or saying the President has no business speaking with children in school? Because they can. It is crazy and sad that they waste their news talk time to attack President Obama yet again. They are like the stupid bully who has nothing better to do than tear down other people.

The following video reveals the baseless attacks by right-wing media pundits. It is time that the right-wing media and GOP spokespeople like Jim Greer from Florida stop their attacks on our president in an irrational manner with twisted inaccurate fear mongering. School children should be encouraged to write their president. Now that President Obama is in office, it is important to teach children that they can write letters to their president with their ideas and suggestions.

The New York Times editorial on September 4, 2009 also claims the push back from strident “right-wing demagogues on talk radio and the Web, along with Republican Party officials” voices is “silly and offensive.”

Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota has fallen to a new low when he questions President Obama’s motives for speaking with young children about education. And Pawlenty wants to be President? He has strange ideas about dialogue and interacting with youth if he thinks it is wrong for a president to encourage children to stay in school instead of drop out.

The real fear is that President Obama will appeal to youth who will become voters in 2010 and 2012. That is the real fear for Pawlenty. He sees that children will be happy their president came to school to meet with them. These happy young adults will then vote in 2010 and 2012. In 2012 the children who today are 15 will be 18 years old.

President Obama wants to make sure these children can effectively handle problems they will face individually and collectively. Good education is a key component to being a well-rounded individual. In addition to having a healthy life-style, education and life-long learning should be part of the mix for any person, young or old.

Any school that refuses to have the live feed to their students of President Obama’s speech is doing a disservice to their students. Too often young people think adults and politicians do not care about them personally. By allowing children to see and hear President Obama address them personally, children will experience first hand their leaders, and specifically, that their president, cares about their welfare and their future.

Texas schools – let your children hear the President!

Support the right of children to connect with their U.S. President.  Click on the photo for more information about this gift for yourself or others.

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  1. kittyreporter says:

    Hi. I hope you enjoy my blog. What are your thoughts about education? Do you agree that our children benefit from interacting with their president? Let me know your ideas.

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