President Obama’s UPcoming Health Care Speech

Today on NPR’s All Things Considered, Mara Liasson and Robert Siegel reported that the Republicans in Congress have already decided that they won’t be moved by President Obama’s speech scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2009. Robert Siegel reported Republicans said the upcoming speech set for a special session of Congress “will not turn them around”.

Oh really. The Republicans in Congress have not even heard the President’s speech and already they have decided they won’t listen. Meaow! Sounds like someone is being very catty.

Isn’t that ridiculous! That is rude and also against civil discourse. At least listen to what the President has to say.

Open minds together.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in Congress could listen to each other and work towards a common goal of finding the best health care reform policy for all Americans instead of getting bogged down in silly partisan politics?

Is it possible? Yes.

A Dream Come True: Something Refreshing: The Change We Can Believe In

It requires two to tango. That means Senators and Congressmen on both sides of the political aisle have an open mind when listening to the President’s speech on Health Care.

Remember, President Obama was elected by a much larger margin than other recent presidents in the last two centuries in both the popular and electoral vote.

The French Health Care Model: What Can We Learn for America?

This CBS report about French Health Care for all of its citizens is amazing.

  • French citizens are all covered by national health care and then they pay a nominal cost for private insurance.  Every man, woman & child is covered by Health Care.
  • Their mortality rate is less than the U.S. according to World Health Organization statistics.
  • It works because private insurers are well-regulated so they cannot reject any person who applies for their insurance – no pre-existing condition issues.
  • Doctors answer 911 and help send the proper emergency response teams to meet the needs of  citizens.

The U.S. needs to learn from those countries that have successfully covered all their citizens like France, Canada & the UK. What are the best things we can apply to the U.S. and what can we do better by learning from the weaknesses in their systems?

Americans need to demand that scare tactics from politicians and various media outlets end and  that we have true dialogue to come up with the best Health Care solutions for U.S. Citizens. The loud uncivil yelling coming from the right wing is pointless and counterproductive and does more harm than good.

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