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Senator Edward Kennedy: A Lion of the Senate and of the People

Senator Edward Kennedy was a true Lion of the Senate. He fought hard for the sake of all people in America as a tireless public servant. He spoke out boldly whenever it was necessary. He will be greatly missed. Continue reading

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Elections 2010, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove

Is there a connection between the 2010 Election, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove. Yes…and it’s important for President Obama to clearly explain to Americans in a TV fireside and simultaneous internet chat why now is the time for meaningful Health Care Reform that includes at least a public option. This post includes President John F. Kennedy’s live historic 1962 Speech at Madison Square Garden to the American public about why the time had come then for Health Care Reform. President Kennedy said that night, “The business of government is the business of the people and the people are right here.” Continue reading

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Tying up Loose Ends: Siegelman Wants Rove to Testify Again and Obama Vanquishes Myths about Health Care Reform

Karl Rove finally testified before the House Judiciary Committee….Should the scope of the inquiry into the politicization of the Justice Department under Bush be expanded? Former Governor Don Siegelman wants Karl Rove to testify under oath about his role in his prosecution… What’s next for Karl Rove in this continuing saga. Continue reading

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Welcome to Kitty Reporter’s Blog

Hello world! This is the first post from Kitty Reporter. Stay tuned for Hot Cat’s Meaow Topics and News & Views for you about anything and everything interesting. You’ll find posts about politics, the environment, culture, cool cats — of … Continue reading

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